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Thought is material

Thought is material

Our thoughts can materialize and influence our destiny, British psychologists are convinced.

According to them, one of the most loyal tactics to check the feelings of a mature couple to split. Separation helps the soul to find out if this is true mate, they have found or are simply wrong.

When parting with your beloved, try to imagine it as a color hologram. Try to determine which colors dominate him. Or in what shades you dream if you have trouble with the hologram. If the predominant red tones, it burns with love for you.

If it is wrapped in black as a cloud - he feels physical pain of separation. Yellow - to enjoy life without you. Blue - weigh the situation. Green - can not live without you.

Each of us affects what you see and think, so do not pretend to be victims of circumstances, he said.

Atoms around us are the tangible information that enters our heads. Allow her to experience feelings that you had to not feel.

Precisely because they occur as neurosis and depression. Exhaust all the way this emotion, and it will stop prevents you from living normally.

When you think and speak, propagate it is important to have tactics and strategy. Tactic is to define its purpose before meaningful action for you.

If you want to say something to someone, first think about what exactly is your goal. Do not think what you say and why you should say it. Your brain alone will open the necessary words.

The strategy is to listen to your inner voice and find out what feelings you want to receive. Not to put any specific purpose and not to be disappointed.