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What Does it Mean if you Dream That you`re Painting?


When life becomes extremely dynamic, hectic and limited in terms of free time, our subconscious tries to give us certain signals.

These are ambiguous signs through which our inner voice aims to warn us of a certain danger or something else that's incomprehensible for us.

Oftentimes such a warning comes via dreams, the unclear images we witness in them acting as signals of our subconscious.

Painting in our dreams is also an element that can reveal our subconscious experiences, suppressed emotions, desires, dreams, ideals.

Here is what dreams of situations related to painting, coloring and sketching allude to, according to psychologists and experts in dream interpretation.

Painting with bright colors reveals your desire for stronger emotions. This kind of dream indicates that you don't feel satisfied with your relations with others. Perhaps your romantic relationship has burned out or your contact with your parents is inadequate.


If painting with dark paints, you're likely in a period of depression or feel pressured by some kind of circumstances. Your life is definitely not going the way you had planned.

If you dream of painting romantic landscapes, tall buildings or beautiful animals, positive changes are coming your way. You're going to grow spiritually or simply manage to fix mistakes from your past.

If you're painting a self-portrait, it means you've grown prideful. If the portrait is of another person, it's likely they've begun to play a very important role in your life.

Drawing Kid

Sketching with a pencil in a dream signifies that you have unfinished tasks which you worry about subconsciously.

If in your dream you see yourself painting on wood, then you need to improve your relationships with relatives. It's possible that you've gotten out of touch lately.

If you're painting with a brush in your dream, expect a new partner, friend or like-minded individual to enter your life, who will support you in your undertakings and toward whom you'll have warm feelings.