When Does Our Intuition Speak to us?
Кога интуицията ни говори?
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When Does Our Intuition Speak to us?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Intuition is that inner voice that advises us on how to act in a given situation. It's more of a spur-of-the-moment feeling than a thought out analysis of something that's happened to us.

It's difficult for most people to tell the difference between intuition and their cold hard reasoning but there are several situations in life in which we must trust our emotions and not our reasoning.

1. Whenever you're not feeling well - whenever you feel uncomfortable among a group of people or in a certain setting if you're seeing them for the 1st time or visiting a particular place - this is the voice of your intuition and it's telling you that you need to stay away by bringing up negative emotions in you, even when seeing people you've never actually met.

The flip side to this - if you feel nice and comfortable among people you've just met, your intuition is giving you the green light about them.

2. When you feel that something's just not right - if you're getting the feeling that what you're doing is just not right, your intuition is trying to tell you that what you are doing will cause you harm.


If a particular person or situation imparts a feeling of caution or worry in you or is making you feel suspicious without there being any sound reasons for this, it's probably your intuition talking, warning you to distance yourself from that person.

3. When you feel that you need to help - if you get a strong feeling that you need to help someone, do it, without boasting to others about it afterwards.

It's possible your intuition is telling you that this gesture is needed in order for a series of favorable events to occur after.

4. Whenever you make random mistakes - aside from our emotions, some of our actions are a result of intuition as well. These can be words that we've said or written without thinking beforehand.

Our intuition can take us to a place we hadn't planned on going to.