Talismans from Pits

Talismans from Pits

You can fashion a talisman for luck from a pear. You will need 60 pear seeds. Wash and dry them, then wrap them in a cotton cloth that is white, blue or pink in color.



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Magic - Magic Properties of Rings

Magic Properties of Rings


The material that the ring is crafted from also has a specific meaning - whether the owner achieves their goals depends on it. Silver - it develops the intuitive, it wraps the aura of the owner in secrecy and magic;

Magic - Mirrors Attract Money to your Home

Mirrors Attract Money to your Home


Mirrors possess the property of storing and transferring information. Therefore, every time you look in the mirror, wish for good health and luck. If you are overworked or sick, look into a mirror as seldom as possible.

Magic - Sinister Magic of the Hodjas

Sinister Magic of the Hodjas


Some of the most sinister rituals are carried out by Turkish Hodjas. It is said that Hodjas' magic spells are extremely difficult to counteract or even impossible to get rid of.

Magic - Your Magical Ability According to the Zodiac Sign

Your Magical Ability According to the Zodiac Sign


Scorpio - They are loaded with the most purifying type of energy. Aquarii literally have magic powers - they make the best witches, mediums, astrologers, fortune tellers.

Magic - Attract your Partner with Chinese Love Magic

Attract your Partner with Chinese Love Magic


An ancient Chinese ritual which can be used to steal a man away from his partner is extremely popular in the US right now. You will need objects made from turquoise, a red piece of cloth and 1 red candle.

Magic - History of Love Rituals

History of Love Rituals


The mystical rituals that are applied for attracting or keeping love, have their beginnings from way back during the Middle Ages, where a young girl's desire to find a husband was equivalent to her desire for good health.

Magic - Rituals That Help In Finding Love

Rituals That Help In Finding Love


A specific ritual, that is easy to do, can cause the object of your love to think about you nonstop. What you must do is welcome the rising sun.

Magic - Mandrake Magic and the Occult

Mandrake Magic and the Occult


Mandrake is one of the most important occult plants. Mandrake is the mysterious plant used for occult rituals. The root of the mandrake was used by black magicians for black magic.

Magic - Strongest love spells

Strongest love spells


Strong magic for love and happiness is made by Africans using attributes, concentrating energy upon your desires and therefore, these were its vectors.

Magic - Love spells with candles

Love spells with candles


Love spells with candles are spread among many nations, but must be done very carefully, if you do not want to turn the spell against yourself.

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