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How to Get Rid of Skepticism

How to Get Rid of Skepticism

Skepticism is based on fear. Fear of mistakes. The fear of being too naive and trusting. On the subjective reality side, skepticism is an adaptation of the mind. The mind begins to adapt to your decision to live in a fear-based universe.

If you believe in an objective universe, you cannot escape skepticism. Yes and you don't want to avoid it. It makes sense to fear and have some sort of skepticism, because you cannot control events. The skeptic will always regard the non-skeptic as unreasonable, frivolous, overly credulous and careless.

An alternative to skepticism:

What could be a reasonable alternative to skepticism - an alternative not based on fear? Accept and live reality as it is without worrying about the mistakes you can make. Reality is something you live to enjoy, not something you just test.

Of course, you can experience it by constantly questioning the possibility of happiness, but that is only one of many possibilities. It is good at least not to forget this and to always remember that life can be lived in more than one way. Surely it would be better to discover a wide ocean of possibilities instead of limiting yourself to a narrow river?

The skeptic is always interested in the probability of success or failure. Suppose a skeptic wants to start their own business. Before they begin to take any action, they must find answers to many questions in order to free themselves from fear and doubt.

What successes have others achieved in this area? Do I have enough money? How will I take care of myself? What will I do if nothing works? Will I be able to achieve an acceptable result? What are my chances of success?


A non-skeptic (not necessarily an optimist) looks at life completely differently. If they decide to open their own business, they will not pay too much attention to the thinking devoted to weighing all possible outcomes.

Such a person can often say the following about the beginning of their projects in life - "When I started this venture, I didn't ask myself all these stupid questions. It wasn't so important for me to succeed - I just enjoyed the process itself. I didn't care what others achieved in this field. I wanted to immerse myself in the dynamics of life and feel everything through my own experience. In this regard, there are no successes and no failures - there is only personal experience."

Strive to experience life and not doubt or fear it and then joy will become your natural state. It doesn't matter what the outcome will be. Your attitude towards life is important. Enjoy the experience and the rest will come naturally.