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The Technique for Hearing the Voice of your Heart, Not your Reasoning

Antonia R.Antonia R.

When making important decisions, many folks prefer to listen to the voice of their heart and intuition, but this is difficult because the instinct of reason is, in most cases, the louder one.

But if you too would like to set your heart free, follow the steps of this simple technique that will allow you to get in touch with your emotions in a minute and suppress your mind's advice.

Step 1: Close your eyes, so you're not being influenced by your surroundings and so you can peer within yourself. Only once you ignore your environment will you be able to let loose the emotions that will guide you in making a decision.

Step 2: Inhale and exhale several times. This technique is used in every kind of meditation because it's guaranteed to relax the body. Once you're free of tension you'll be able to better focus on the problem that needs solving.

Step 3: Visualize your options, no matter if there's 2, 3 or more of them. Imagine the possible solutions to your problems but don't let your imagination run too wild. All you need is the specific solution in front of you, without you adding any details or trying to develop it.


Step 4: Focus on your feelings. Every solution you imagine is going to provoke strong feelings within you. It is these emotions which you must listen to. If a situation is making you feel fear, melancholy, sorrow or other feelings from the negative spectrum, then it's better you don't pick that one.

But when you feel positive emotions such as enthusiasm, happiness, satisfaction, your heart is telling you to risk and grab the opportunity before you.