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Divination with a SpiderDivination with a Spider
12 Nov.
Using a plain old house spider, you can make predictions about whether your wishes will come true. All that's required is to find a spider web somewhere in your home....
Spider Webs - an Air Filter?Spider Webs - an Air Filter?
08 Jan.
Spiders however, are the ones that have mastered it and use it to catch their prey....
Beliefs about SpidersBeliefs about Spiders
30 June
Such as beliefs about spiders, for example. Ever since ancient times, spiders have been a source of superstitions and prejudices....
Scientists Create a Graphene Spider Web, Capable of Tangling an AirplaneScientists Create a Graphene Spider Web, Capable of Tangling an Airplane
18 May
Inspired by the precision of spiders, scientists decided to create a super strong spider web for application in military and civilian industry....
Mossad Agents - Secretive Modern Day SpiesMossad Agents - Secretive Modern Day Spies
05 Feb.
Nearly half of all of Mossad's spies are of the fairer sex, according to former director of the intelligence agency Tamir Pardo. He says that women do a much better job in spy operations and research....
What Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices PortendWhat Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices Portend
14 Dec.
Undoubtedly, herbs and spices make our lives more aromatic and tasty. But what does it mean when we dream of them?...
The Legend of the DreamcatcherThe Legend of the Dreamcatcher
05 Nov.
One day, the grandson saw the spider and decided to kill it. However, the grandmother did not allow him to hurt the spider and because of this act, it wanted to thank the kindly elderly woman....
The Mythic Legend Surrounding the DreamcatcherThe Mythic Legend Surrounding the Dreamcatcher
12 Dec.
Their legend goes that the chieftain of the tribe once encountered the clever trickster Iktomi in the form of a spider....
Superstitions about babies, animals and loveSuperstitions about babies, animals and love
10 Jan.
Never kill a spider - it brings misery. If you see a spider in your house, this is a sign of love and money. Little spider, which has cast its web recently portends good news....
Incredible Survival StoriesIncredible Survival Stories
10 Jan.
A brown recluse spider bit him, and gave him the opportunity to walk again. After being bitten, David went to the hospital where he underwent physiotherapy....
The 4 Gates to Hell and Where to Find themThe 4 Gates to Hell and Where to Find them
12 Dec.
An even more spine-chilling fact is that the heat it radiates inevitably attracts a local species of large spider, which have littered the entire area and constantly fall into the burning crater. 2....
Unravel the secrets of Nazca phenomenonUnravel the secrets of Nazca phenomenon
24 Nov.
What was this giant hand painted pictures of the Spider-Monkey? The complex of geometric drawings, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures forms and extends over an area of 800 sq. km....
The Horrifying Weapons Prohibited Even During WarThe Horrifying Weapons Prohibited Even During War
07 Mar.
Spike Traps A commonly used weapon during the Vietnam War, these spikes were often coated in poison or fecal matter to guarantee the death of the soldier. They were banned in 1980 along with the plastic landmines....
Astronomers Take a Peak 8.5 Billion Years Back in TimeAstronomers Take a Peak 8.5 Billion Years Back in Time
05 Aug.
The galactic cluster was spotted thanks to the combined efforts of the telescopes Spitzer and WISE....
Strangest Beliefs from Around the WorldStrangest Beliefs from Around the World
27 Oct.
Most people are afraid of spiders and panic if they see one. In Qatar, however, they are seen in a positive light....

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