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Being chased in your dreams?

Being chased in your dreams?

Dreams of falling and being chased are the most experienced throughout the world of the dreaming people. In adult life we may remember one particular dream of being chased, this is because this dream is reocurring from childhood. Having total significance to you as referring to everyone's individual personality is what you are being chased by, some have experienced animals, ghosts, monster or even people. Write down if you remember what the pursuer is.

These sort of dreams are provoked in general by stress, anxiety, unhappiness and even fear of someone or something. An interpretation of these chasing dreams are the conclusion of one or two, first; If in your dream you face what is chasing you, then this will not apply to what I said previous about the dream being provoked by fear for example, this simply signifies that in the wakening world you have or are facing the stress, fear etc that provoked the very start of the chase in the dream. However, if you choose in your dream to run, then yes the rule applies the dream is provoked from stress, fear, unhappiness etc.

After such a dream ask yourself the following questions;

1. Do you feel stuck in a rut? Meaning what about your life, job, relationships do they lack something?

2. Are you feeling out of control of your home life, do you have pressure from your husband? Do you feel your children rule your home? Or maybe your boss is getting to you? Is anxiety part of your day to day emotions?

3. Are you hiding away from something? Maybe your in debt? O you feel guilty for something?

4. In your dream what is chasing you? If it is a monster or maybe something you don't know this generally means your are running from something unaware. In other words subconsciously you are running away from something in the waken life but you don't know what! It could be something like a beetle, spider, scorpion or even a snake chasing you! This meaning is representing anxiety. Maybe you fear this creature, therefore your fears compounds into this creature in your dream and chases you or maybe you are trying to face your fear of this creature and the dream is representing that. Being chased by a familiar faces simply means you need to take a look at this relationship in real life. Do you have pressure from them? Owe them money or maybe they have certain expectations of you that you feel are not possible to meet?

5. Are you able to get away? If the answer is yes then this undoubtedly represents anxiety, only you are unaware as you think you can handle this situation, and ignore your anxious emotions. If your answer is no then this shows you that you feel totally helpless to the situation that is causing you to feel anxiety. Being chased in slow motion also tells us this is a way of you trying to buy time to find a solution to this anxiety provoked situation. Sinking in quicksand and realizing there is no point to try to escape as it worsens the sinking shows you you are giving into the demons that are provoking the emotional dreams, and finally being stuck somewhere represents feeling stuck inside and no having any idea of which way to turn!

6. Where are you being chased? Maybe it is in a familiar place like the supermarket or even at your home? Maybe the pursuer is trying to catch you in an open area such as a field, or a smaller enclosed area like a maze. Open spaces simply represent vulnerability while enclosed spaces represents the sense of feeling trapped.

Being chased in your dreams?

These type of dreams more often than not represent the side of us that has a sense of vulnerability, the reasons why the are reoccurring is because certain situations throughout our lives remind us of our childhood vulnerabilities. When interpreting these type of dreams it is important to look forward into the dream and consider that it could well be your own demons haunting your dreams. Write down what you think could be provoking these dreams, so look outside of the dream in your waken life, note any concerns anxieties difficulties etc. Try to confront these negatives in your life and if your dream reoccurs go back to these notes and see if these problems still stand in your life that day.