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Superstitions about babies, animals and love

Nina NordNina Nord

There are many folk beliefs and superstitions related to babies, love, money and animals. For example, some believe that babies should not be kissed on the cheeks before them budding teeth, because it will slow the teeth down.

You should not finish bread of a small child - it will eat his health. As a baby becomes a year old, put it against the mirror - so happiness will appear in the mirror.

Do not kiss the feet of the baby because it will cause difficult passages. During the baptism of the baby, pay attention to its arms. If it keeps them clenched in fists, it will be very careful in spending per person if it keeps them spread – it would be too generous.

For the first time, the child’s hair should be cut only when it becomes a year old. Before that haircut helps bring the child jinxes from bad people.

If you want to convince your beloved to offer marriage, without telling him, kiss him when the Moonrises. If you are a guest of a man and your meal is too salty, this means that he is madly in love with you.

To continue your relationship for many years when you transgress the threshold of the house of your beloved, touch his arm. If you both end up under falling raindrops, you will live happily together.

If you broke a heel of a shoe as you walk down the street, expect trouble in love. Do not specify a meeting with a man on a bridge - it promises a quick end to love.

Never give away a man's watch, knife and gloves - that portends separation. It is believed that if you whistle too often when you're at home, money will always be away from you.


Never give money borrowed on Monday if you want the week to go well good financially. To always have money, when you see the full Moon, touch gold.

When you pay debt back, do it at night and never in the morning. Always have a little loose change in your tablecloth - that way money will always be in your house.

Never kill a spider - it brings misery. If you see a spider in your house, this is a sign of love and money. Little spider, which has cast its web recently portends good news.

If your cat laid their paws on the window, guests can be expected. Do not kill ladybugs beetles and small animals - that will only bring trouble. Laughing dogs portend diseases.