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Entrance to the underworld of the Maya is found in Mexico

Entrance to the underworld of the Maya is found in Mexico

A labyrinth filled with stone churches and pyramids has been located in 14 caves, and some of which were found in Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula by archaeologists, reported the National Geographic.

The discovery led experts to wonder whether the legend of Mayan inspired the construction of the underground facility or vice versa. According to the myth of Mayans, the souls of the dead had to follow a dog, who had night vision in horrible wet conditions and had to withstand numerous challenges before they could move into the afterlife.

In one recently discovered cave, researchers discovered the presence of a nearly 90-foot concrete road that ends before something like a column facing the water.

The culture of Mayan is also known that it had stretched south from southern Mexico to northern Guatemala and Belize. It reached its zenith about 250 to 900, when the civilization mysteriously was faced with an apocalypse.

Archaeologists, excavate at the temples and pyramids in the village of Tahtzibichen, in Merida, the capital of Yucatan. They discovered a 1900 years old ship, which is the oldest find, other findings associated with earthen ware and sculptures dating from 750 to 850, and in the caves and rocks, large columns and sculptures of priests, human remains and ceramics.

Researchers say that the ancient legend Popul Vuh , describes in some of the sacred book of the roundabout that passes through the percolating blood, bats and spiders, of which all souls must take in order to reach Xibalba - the underworld.

Caves are natural portals to other countries that may have inspired the creation of the myth of the Mayans. They are related to darkness, to fright, and monsters so Guillermo DE Anda believed one of the leading researchers. However it does not contradict the theory that the Mayan myth of creation has inspired the temples.

William Saturno, an expert on the issue of Mayan at Boston University, thinks the maze of temples was built after the creation of the myth. He notes that the exposed underwater temples testify to the considerable efforts that the Maya had made for creating these portals.

Mayan Pyramids

In addition, it should be noted that in order to move deeper into the forest to reach the caves, the ancient builders had to hold ones breath and dive underwater to build some of the Temples and Pyramids. Other Mayan underworld entrances have been discovered in jungles and in caves above the ground in northern Guatemala, Belize.

The Mayans believed that in reality the many different layers were the portal between life and the place where the dead go is very important to them.