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Everyday Beliefs That Portend Something Good

Jana G.Jana G.

Many of the things we do in our daily lives can serve as an indicator of whether something good will happen to us or not. There are folk beliefs stating that if a given thing happens, something good will then take place or quite the contrary - that you have to watch out for whatever bad thing is destined to occur.

If you break an egg and the shell is in small pieces, it's a sign that you'll have good luck. If you spill sugar, expect good news. The more sugar you've spilt, the more happiness you'll experience soon enough.

If you spill tea, expect a pleasant surprise in the coming 7 days. If you're boiling peas and they're still boiling after you've removed the pot from the fire, this is an excellent sign. It means wonderful news in your family.

If you break a cup or plate, this too is an indication of something good that's going to happen quite soon. Of course, the belief only holds true if you've broken the plate or cup by accident. If 2 spoons suddenly end up in a single plate, expect a nice surprise in love.

If there's a small child in the family and it smiles while it's sleeping, this will bring happiness to the entire household. If someone sneezes at the table before they've begun eating, they should expect joyous news. If you're crying in a dream, be prepared for a pleasant surprise when you wake up.


If you see a spider in your home shortly before dusk, it portends that you'll soon be visited by a guest who is very dear to you. If the person cooking a meal oversalts it by accident, it means they will soon find what they've always dreamed of.

If your cat sneezes when there's a person near it, expect a whole lot of happiness. If a fly falls into your glass, it indicates luck.

If you are woken up in the morning by the sound of birds singing, you can expect great news throughout the entire day. If you're headed somewhere and it rains briefly before you get into the vehicle, everything will go smoothly.

If bubbles appear in your cup of tea or coffee, you will experience a lot of luck in love. If a man and woman sneeze at the same time, they'll be happily married.

If you put a bay leaf on a hot stove and it crackles, expect good news about something you're interested in.