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Angelic Hair with Extraterrestrial Origins

Angel hair

Angel hair is the name we have given to the mysterious substance that is usually dispersed after the passage of a UFO in our atmosphere.

Angel hairs are substances like fine spider webs and are translucent glassy filaments which, when in contact with the human skin, become extremely volatile, rapidly evaporate and only transparent sediment remains.


The study of this phenomenon did not begin until the middle of the last century. The first observation of the physical properties of the rare phenomenon and attempts to examine the chemical composition were made by Italian chemist Danilo Gozzi. He was able to identify some angel hair brought to him for examination, as boron-silicon glass in an unstable condition.

The most famous case of "rain" of angel hair was observed in 1954 in Venice. Italians Pietro Gennaro and Lastruchi were drinking their coffee on the balcony of a hotel room, the famous Piazza San Marco, when they saw two large spindle-shaped objects.

The apparently extraterrestrial objects passed at high speed across the sky, made a wide turn over the square and disappeared into the sky without a trace.

Angel hair - UFO

Just a few minutes after the strange incident in Piazza San Marco, participants and spectators at a football match in Florence also became eyewitnesses of UFOs. More than 10 000 people, including players, journalists and referees watched the strange "flying cigars" over the stadium. The football match was suspended.

But even after the mysterious objects in the sky left, restarting the match proved impossible, because it turned out that the entire football field was covered with transparent sticky webs.

The more courageous witnesses of the mysterious event tried to hold the substance in their hands, but it quickly darkened, liquefied and disappeared.

Enterprising student Alfredo Yakopotsi was able to keep a sample of the substance - a few strands in the transparent tube which incidentally he carried in his pocket. The tube with the mysterious substance fell into the hands of the Florence University professor Giovanni Kaneri, which sent them to Professor Danilo Gozzi.

Angel hair phenomenon

According to American UFO expert Charles Maine, " angel hair " is the tangible result of the work of the engines of UFOs, which are spewed out like the exhaust gases from internal combustion engines.

The rapid deterioration is due to the fact that the substance is very unstable in our atmosphere. Moving from its primary space-time continuum, it just evaporates from ours.

According to other influential ufologists, the web is pure materialization of spiritual powers and a peculiar ectoplasm, which is released during spiritual sessions.

The most scientifically sound theory states that the angel hair which falls on Earth is the result of the ionization of air from the electromagnetic field that surrounds the UFO.