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Incredible Survival Stories

Nina NordNina Nord
Self Healing

On TV series, we often see cases of unimaginable healing, but do such cases actually exist in real life? Actually they do, and they all would be a great storyline for a Hollywood production.

For example, fourteen year old Dzana Simmons underwent a heart transplant because hers was too large.

Suddenly, her new organ stopped working, and doctors were forced to remove it. But since no suitable heart was available, doctors put her on apparatus for artificial blood circulation.

Two large circulation pumps kept her alive, almost four months in a row. After one hundred and eighteen days Dzana received her new heart, which started working fine.

Martin Jones, forty-two-year construction worker of the dutch town Rotterdam, went blind after an accident at work. Ten years later he was operated on, and part of his tooth had been implanted in his eye.

This procedure was done only fifty times in England, it aims to use the tooth segment to operate on the patient's vision.

Particle of the tooth, which must be alive, helps an eye crystal, made from the skin of the victim. So, he could see again.

Doctors from the Swedish Medical Center with great difficulty had to tell pregnant Shannon Gimbel, they have to kill one of the babies in the belly.

If not done, both twins in her womb would die. The babies were diagnosed with fetal-fetal transfusion - a condition, in which both twins are linked with blood vessels and one baby sucks the life from the other.

In ninety percent of cases one or both twins died. While the mother wondered whether to agree their doctor contacted staff surgeons who did laser surgery on the uterus, and severed the blood vessels that connected the babies to one another. So, the beautiful Reese and McKenna Gimbel came to life.

The skull of the little Jordan Taylor was separated from his spine, in a car accident. The boy was injured so seriously, that there was no connection between the bones of his neck and the bones of his head.

With this injury, known as orthopedic decapitation, the doctors gave Jordan one percent chance to survive. Visitors to twenty Churches started to pray for the boy.

Two months later, he was in such good condition that he started going to school. His head was attached with metal plates, screws and titanium struts.

David Blankart was restricted to a wheelchair for twenty years, after a motorcycle accident. A brown recluse spider bit him, and gave him the opportunity to walk again.

After being bitten, David went to the hospital where he underwent physiotherapy. Suddenly, the nurse noticed spasms in his leg and did tests. Five days later, David was walking.