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Childhood nightmaresChildhood nightmares
04 May
strange bed on a Friday, because otherwise one will suffer a nightmare. In the fight against common nightmares aromatherapy can help so, before you sleep take a hot bath, and scatter a few drops of lavender oil or rose....
The Most Common NightmaresThe Most Common Nightmares
07 Aug.
suffering from problems with self-assessment and low self-esteem. Natural disasters - if you have a nightmare about horrifying and unnerving natural disasters catching up to you, you are most likely suffering a fear of...
Nightmares That Everyone HasNightmares That Everyone Has
04 June
the more often a person has it, the greater their fear for their life and health. The philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that a nightmare of teeth falling out indicates that the given person is not happy with their...
Nightmares are ... usefulNightmares are ... useful
03 Dec.
health of loved ones, but not a dream, which means their loved ones will experience death. If you are awaken in the middle of the night with the feeling that you're still in the nightmare of a dream, drink a glass of warm milk with copper and you will be donated the most sweet and pleasant sleep....
Tea chasing nightmaresTea chasing nightmares
07 Feb.
If you have nightmares we have a very easy way to beat them. We only need to drink one cup of green or black tea per day. People who drink the recognized worldwide drink dream 50% less nightmares than those who...
Nightmares are usefulNightmares are useful
31 Mar.
Nightmares play an important positive role in human life, say German researchers. Unpleasant dreams of adults indicates problems related to their psychological and physical health, they also help children to cope with...
Nightmare in a andoned houseNightmare in a andoned house
12 Apr.
Im in a andoned house as i walk in i see the bodys of family friends and there killer hooded running away from the bodys what does it mean...
Three day nightmare of darknessThree day nightmare of darkness
13 Jan.
Scientists can not unravel a few cases in which people were caught in darkness and disappeared for several days. During the 60 years of the last century there was a real boom in the history of the 54 year old Mary...
Why Not Everyone Has NightmaresWhy Not Everyone Has Nightmares
17 May
The question of why not everyone has nightmares and why some people don't dream at all remains open. However, scientists claim that everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers their dream. Apparently, these people...
Tea saves us from nightmaresTea saves us from nightmares
22 Jan.
. According to medical studies of Japanese people who drink one or more cups of tea a day , 50 percent were less likely to wake up at night due to a nightmare. The reason for the favorable effect of tea infusions on the...
Nightmares, signal a real problemNightmares, signal a real problem
26 Apr.
perform active movements, almost as during waking. Breathing is often intermittent. The brain consumes as much energy as during the day. Nightmare dreams are precisely in this phase. Ten minutes after REM sleep a person can...
Men and Women Have Different NightmaresMen and Women Have Different Nightmares
14 Apr.
as follows: 48% stated that they never have nightmares, 10% said that they had a nightmare only once a year. And only 5% admitted that they had nightmares at least twice a month. Among the most common nightmares were...
Stress and Horror Movies Cause NightmaresStress and Horror Movies Cause Nightmares
20 Nov.
Nightmares happen to all of us. They can be brought on by many things, such as stressful events or a hectic day at work. Watching a horror movie can have similar results. Often, bad dreams are accompanied by a high...
How Do I Get Rid of Nightmares?How Do I Get Rid of Nightmares?
13 Nov.
one over and over. If you immediately go over the events in your nightmare, you realize that it was not real and the fear vanishes. If the person next to you is asleep, hug them and get close to their breast. The...
Frequent Nightmares - Symptoms of Mental Health ProblemsFrequent Nightmares - Symptoms of Mental Health Problems
09 May
Many of us tend to disregard our nightmares as something unexplainable and therefore not needing our attention. However, if you find your sleep to be frequently troubled, this could be a warning sign of more...

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