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Childhood nightmaresChildhood nightmares
04 May
Tell the child about your child nightmares and fears....
Nightmares are usefulNightmares are useful
31 Mar.
Nightmares play an important positive role in human life, say German researchers....
Tea chasing nightmaresTea chasing nightmares
07 Feb.
It turned out that women suffer with more than 80% nightmares than the male representatives. There are factors other than gender, which depends on whether you dream nightmares....
Nightmares are ... usefulNightmares are ... useful
03 Dec.
They calculated that children from ages 3 to 8 years dream of nightmares more than adults do throughout their lives!...
Three day nightmare of darknessThree day nightmare of darkness
13 Jan.
Scientists can not unravel a few cases in which people were caught in darkness and disappeared for several days. During the 60 years of the last century there was a real boom in the history of the 54 year old Mary Zhone...
Nightmares That Everyone HasNightmares That Everyone Has
04 June
Falling from high up Falling from high up also falls among the most common nightmares had by the majority of people....
The Most Common NightmaresThe Most Common Nightmares
07 Aug.
Every one of us has had nightmares. A new study shows that in fact many of them are similar in the majority of people....
Nightmares, signal a real problemNightmares, signal a real problem
26 Apr.
Nightmare dreams are precisely in this phase. Ten minutes after REM sleep a person can wake up and remember a dream then they would move into the slow phase....
Tea saves us from nightmaresTea saves us from nightmares
22 Jan.
According to recent studies regular consumption of green or black tea helps us not to dream nightmares....
Why Not Everyone Has NightmaresWhy Not Everyone Has Nightmares
17 May
At the same time, people who often have horrible nightmares have distinctive traits....
Women dream more nightmares than menWomen dream more nightmares than men
25 Mar.
"Our results show that the number of nightmares that men and women have are different, more women dream nightmares and they are highly emotionally charged, " she explains....
Nightmares Help us in Dangerous SituationsNightmares Help us in Dangerous Situations
03 Feb.
Nightmares play an important role in the survival of humanity, according to Finnish scientists....
Men and Women Have Different NightmaresMen and Women Have Different Nightmares
14 Apr.
The results were as follows: 48% stated that they never have nightmares, 10% said that they had a nightmare only once a year. And only 5% admitted that they had nightmares at least twice a month....
How to Interpret your Worst NightmaresHow to Interpret your Worst Nightmares
25 May
Everyone has had a nightmare at least once in their life and if they've tried to forget it they've made a big mistake....
Stress and Horror Movies Cause NightmaresStress and Horror Movies Cause Nightmares
20 Nov.
Other causes of nightmares are very spicy and fatty food, alcohol, medications and diseases....