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Three day nightmare of darkness

Nina NordNina Nord
Complete darkness

Scientists can not unravel a few cases in which people were caught in darkness and disappeared for several days.

During the 60 years of the last century there was a real boom in the history of the 54 year old Mary Zhone, an inhabitant of the French town of Arles. She worked as a nurse and in her spare time she brought in some money as a babysitter. People knew her as totally sane, however the whole town was to become totally shocked by what happened.

It was July and Madame Zhone had gone for a walk in the park with the baby of the family Cotillon. They employed her at a small hourly rate to provide childcare. The nurse was sitting on a bench and the baby asleep in the pram. Suddenly the sun disappeared and it became a total impenetrable darkness. The baby woke up crying.

The nurse managed to find the baby and she cuddled the baby in order to try to soothe him, but she was crazy in horror, because she heard no sound. The leaves of the trees, birds, dogs or people made no sound. According to Madame Zhone almost ten minutes had past and then it turned out that it was already evening.


With all her force she took the pram and ran to the house of the family Cotillon. There she met the inconsolable parents, it turned out that she and the child was missing for three days! The whole time the police searched them and volunteers traveled across the park several times, but no one found them. Zhone told the police about the darkness that surrounded her, but they thought she was crazy.

This is not the only such case. Years ago in a London subway station another was absorbed by impenetrable darkness. This was panic among not only the passengers but also among employees of the metro.

Several days later scientists arrived at the same place to make a model of the situation and to explain the incident. Complete darkness was not achieved. Even at night without lights, people differ silhouettes, as a train is to be coming.

In the U.S. city of Louisville, Kentucky, a few decades ago the same happened, but lasting for three hours. Some residents of the town never recovered psychologically from the horror.

Some people argue that this is a message of Satan, others say that is a sign of a superior force. According to some scientists it is a violation of the integrity of the space or the penetration of part of another dimension in our world.