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Dream Meanings According to Islam


In the Islamic religion it is believed that dreams are an important channel of communication between human beings and the supernatural world. Dream meanings in Islam are determined by the holy texts in the Quran. It is claimed that dreams come from 3 sources: Allah, man himself or Satan.

It is believed that nightmares are sent by Satan and because of this Muslims call them false dreams. In the past, people were advised not to share these dreams with anyone because otherwise the bad dream might come true and cause harm.

According to Muslim beliefs, the correct way to deal with nightmares is to pray to Allah 3 times, then spit 3 times over the left shoulder, where it is believed Satan is spying. In some modern Islamic beliefs, the conviction that nightmares can be discussed with people one is close to and trusts is being propagated.

Dreams sent by human consciousness are called pathogenic and stem from personal desires, fears and thoughts. Here, Islam agrees with Christianity that these types of dreams have little or almost no spiritual significance. Most likely, they are simply the result of the human mind, which creates various dreams due to stress and a strenuous life.

The third type of dreams are real dreams, sent by Allah or angels. They are incredibly pleasant for the dreamer and leave their bright mark on them. The meaning of real dreams changes throughout the years and it is believed that through them a person will gain a greater understanding of life on Earth and the afterlife. Real dreams are sent to those who have true and pure faith.

Even though Muslim experts can guide one to interpreting a dream, it is best for every interpretation to begin with the sentence "Perhaps the dream means..., " because only prophets are able to explain what the dream means with complete certainty. Dreamers need to be careful with whom they share their dreams with, especially those sent by Allah.

Dream interpretation in Islam agrees with Christianity and recognizes real dreams as ones sent by God and his angels. In Islam, these real dreams are a way of Allah communicating with people. Allah usually sends dreams to believers to express satisfaction for their life's path and show them the good things.