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Dreams are the Key to Perfection

Nina NordNina Nord
Dreaming Girl

The language of dreams can reveal a great deal. A dream is something that occurs in our subconscious when our brain is turned off. The first dream of the night begins 10 minutes after falling asleep.

This dream continues anywhere from 10-15 min. In one night, a person can witness from 4-6 different dreams. However, we only remember what is truly important to us and can help us in real life.

If you've dreamed a scary dream, someone will soon lie to you, and harshly. If you are sick and have a nightmare, you need to believe that you will get better, otherwise your body will have a hard time recovering.

Whenever a young woman has nightmares often, this is a prophecy of a husband's love, well-being in the family and an upcoming pregnancy. But a person rarely remembers their dreams.


This is because dreams are very short and because subconsciously we want to forget the bad events that we've experience while dreaming.

Science knows of 3 types of dreams - subjective, physical and spiritual. They are linked to our past, present and future. A person can very clearly see their future in a dream, and recognize the signs intuitively.

A dream is an attempt to find out what will happen in the future, our soul's desire to achieve complete perfection. Even if you have a recurring nightmare, it is not completely the same each time.

When you dream, no matter if your dreams are dangerous, pleasant or absolutely wondrous, you wake up and want to find out what the dream meant.

If only horrible things happen to you in your dreams, it's time to set aside a couple hours for yourself. You are most likely juggling too many things at the same time and are trying to help too many people at the same time solve their own problems. But it would be wise to solve your own problems too.

When only marvelous events take place, this means you are a happy person who is always optimistic, no matter the situation. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to look more realistically at things in the real world.