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Nightmares, signal a real problem

Bad dreams

It is perfectly understandable why people are afraid of bad dreams. They are easy to remember and leave an uncomfortable feeling throughout the day. For one night, one can dream or several different dreams.

How vivid and emotional dreams are, depends on the so-called phases of sleep. Particularly important are two phases: The phase of rapid and slow phase of sleep. During the second the brain hardly works. Metabolism is minimal, we are breathing yet profoundly retarded.

People who wake during this state rarely remember their dreams.

The transition from slow to fast sleep is clearly defined. During REM sleep the eyes under closed eyelids perform active movements, almost as during waking. Breathing is often intermittent. The brain consumes as much energy as during the day. Nightmare dreams are precisely in this phase. Ten minutes after REM sleep a person can wake up and remember a dream then they would move into the slow phase.

For one night one goes through about 6 cycles of dreams, each of which can last up to 2 hours.

Some people believe that a bad dream portends trouble. In reality this is not right. It is a worrying signal about some personal concern for people. This can be an emotional experience associated with an unresolved problem and concerns are caused by the expectation of any changes.

Moving to a new home, test, change of workplace, new relationships and family problems, all this can give rise to unpleasant dreams. Great fatigue and congestion can also cause a nightmare.

When one wakes up from an unpleasant dream, one feels quite a real sense of fear. In psychiatry these dreams refer to the "household". There are other categories that may be accompanied by crying or shouting. Of such experience people can sleep and not wake up, however on wakening these dreams are rarely remembered.

Particularly important are recurring dreams. We can often hear the complaint: 'the same nightmare has tormented me'. The problem here lies in personal experiences.

The most complex category is disturbing dreams of sleep disorders. It occurs after a severe event has been experienced. The dream presents pictures of real accidents, which strongly affect the psyche.


There are nightmares that are the result of some illness, such as depression. The reason here is deeper and more complex and this fear is usually when one can not fight without the aid of Psychotherapist.

It is not mandatory to resort to sleeping pills to get rid of these "mini film horrors". First you should try to restore the events preceding the onset of nightmares. Some even recorded or painted their dreams. In all cases, however, you need to focus on your fears and find out what your worry is.

One should not forget the simple rules, to maintain a daily regimen, to prevent conflicts, to pay attention to the situation around you before you sleep. It is advised to do physical exercises before bedtime, to listen to music and an evening stroll in the fresh air not only creates positive emotions, but also provokes pleasant dreams.