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Owls have a great imaginationOwls have a great imagination
06 Jan.
getting out of bed before noon, wake up at dawn. It was also found that 'early birds' are generally people of logic and specifics, but 'owls' have the great imagination and have many talents in different fields. If...
I feel the presence of my deceased fatherI feel the presence of my deceased father
26 Mar.
shape disappears. I do not know whether this is all just a dream, my fanciful imagination or so he is contacting me....
Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Love CompatibilityAquarius Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility
13 Feb.
world of imagination. Another thing that might create a problem is the attitude of the male Pisces. They can be quite secretive and hide many of the things which they think and overthink, even though those things may...
The 4 Zodiac Signs Born to be CreativeThe 4 Zodiac Signs Born to be Creative
26 June
for a creative job. If your ascendant is in one of the listed signs, you too have a gift that you should work to develop. Your creative mindset is natural, you're full of ideas and possess a vibrant imagination...
Yearly Horoscope 2018 for SagittariusYearly Horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius
16 Jan.
limits on your fantasies because your most profitable ideas will indeed come from your imagination. Try not to attract too much attention because the fewer the people that know about your plans the more successful their...
Why Shouldn't I Ever Kill a Praying Mantis?Why Shouldn't I Ever Kill a Praying Mantis?
21 Jan.
so fascinated with this insect. With their large, elongated bodies, triangular eyes and front legs, locked as if in prayer, praying mantises provoke our attention, disgust and spark our imagination. There are a series...
Which Gemstones are Suitable for Aquarius?Which Gemstones are Suitable for Aquarius?
30 Oct.
. Aquarians born during the 3rd 10-day period have a rich imagination, they adore music, poetry, mysticism and esotericism. Their flaw is that they are insensitive to a degree, as well as big time egotists. A suitable gemstone for them is aquamarine with a green tone, as well as olivine, to improve their mood and sensitivity....
Foreign voices dictating the works of great writersForeign voices dictating the works of great writers
01 Jan.
Robert. When grew up and began to write his books he started to understand that what came out from under his pen were actually the stories of his nocturnal visitors from his childhood. Which explains the vast imagination...
What you reveal in erotic dreamsWhat you reveal in erotic dreams
21 Dec.
Dreams. In the form of dreams, erotic fantasies are a sign of good health. Any man that has a dream of making love, is proof that you have a logical thought, are intuitive and have a strong imagination. The dream could...
Your Horoscope for Today – July 5Your Horoscope for Today – July 5
05 July
today because you're either going to be misunderstood or you're going to be irritated by others' comments. You'll be more productive if you work alone. Rely on your discipline and imagination and you'll be left satisfied...
What the Horoscope has in Store for you Today - August 4What the Horoscope has in Store for you Today - August 4
04 Aug.
ways. Only by working on more projects that allow you the freedom to set your imagination loose will you feel satisfied and calm. Gemini - Throughout the day you can get to work on projects that have to do with...
Which Gemstones are Suitable for Pisces?Which Gemstones are Suitable for Pisces?
05 Nov.
One of the typical characteristics of the sign of Pisces is their gift of a poetic spirit and imagination. Many Pisces love music, write poetry or serious literary works. Representatives of the 1st 10-day period of...
Which Gemstones are Suitable for Scorpio?Which Gemstones are Suitable for Scorpio?
29 Oct.
their life. They prove their worth perfectly in the fields of chemistry, politics and water sports. They have need of stones that would fuel their imagination, such as black opal, which aside from everything else will...
How to overcome stressHow to overcome stress
22 Jan.
sounds of living nature - the singing of birds, murmur of the rain, splashing waves stimulate the imagination, which carry you to a desert beach or the sunny forest glade are also good. Essential oils of lemon, jasmine...
The Weird Tale of the Biologist who Saw a UFO in his GardenThe Weird Tale of the Biologist who Saw a UFO in his Garden
09 Feb.
usually the product of one's overactive imagination. But when UFO stories are told by a person devoted to science, they begin to spark a more genuine interest. Such is the case with a young biologist from the city of...

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