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Tips to Become Rich from Napoleon Hill

Tips to Become Rich from Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is an American journalist, lawyer, lecturer and writer. He has written dozens of books on self-improvement and achieving personal success that have sold over 100 million copies. For his works, he draws knowledge and ideas from over 500 interviews he conducted with successful individuals in the early 20th century.

They are arranged and described in detail in his latest book Think and Grow Rich, where he talks about the philosophy of wealth and success in an accessible way.

Here are the main tips for becoming rich that Hill talks about in his book, which, by the way, correspond to all 13 chapters and are actually a short summary of it.

What does it take if you want to become rich? See the highlights given by Napoleon Hill?


If a person wants to achieve success and wealth, there must be a burning desire within them to make them take action. That's the key - taking action!


Tips to Become Rich from Napoleon Hill

If you want your wish to come true, you must exercise faith. Faith is the trust you have in yourself that your desire / goal is achievable. Hill observed that when you do this, it begins to manifest in your physical self.


Hill once pointed out: If you don't see great wealth in your imagination, you'll never see it in your bank balance. If you want to become rich then imagine owning that money. But it is not enough to just wish for wealth. Hill recommends fulfilling the desire and working hard for it.

Specialized knowledge

But having knowledge does not directly make you intelligent or successful. What we do with that knowledge is what matters. Hill suggests that we focus on specialized knowledge that, in turn, will make us an expert at whatever we want.


In the power of imagination is the key to getting the life you want. When desire is the catalyst for achievement, imagination is needed to give it physical form. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encompasses the world. (Albert Einstein)

Organized planning

Tips to Become Rich

If you want to be able to achieve what you really want, Hill says you need to have a concrete plan to help you. Spend time using pen and paper to write down your plan. Once you do, the chances of it becoming a reality increase.

Making a decision

The enemy of those of us who desire success is the exact opposite of resolution - procrastination. Research shows that successful people make big decisions quickly and change them slowly, while unsuccessful people make them slowly but change them constantly. The point is to get used to making quick decisions, but don't give up on them too quickly.


Too many people give up on their first attempt at trying new things, so the likelihood of them succeeding is next to zero. In order to succeed, there must be an unwavering quality to remain persistent in wanting what you want. If you really want something out of life, you have to work hard and expect to be knocked down / fail, but you must be persistent, until you achieve your goals.

The Power of the Mastermind

The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people working toward a certain goal in a spirit of harmony creates a third, invisible intangible force that can be compared to a third mind, also known as Mastermind. By creating the so-called third mind, the minds in the group become more than the sum of their parts and greater success can be achieved.

Transmutation of sex

Tips from Napoleon Hill

Hill says that the sexual impulse is one of the most important /strongest desires we experience as humans/. And because of this, we must learn how to channel these desires into improving our creative work. It's all about channeling sexual energy towards your goals as it allows you to be more creative in the process.

The Subconscious Mind

Hill states that the subconscious mind registers all our thoughts, both positive and negative. You cannot think of something positive and negative at the same time. Therefore, we must constantly focus our thoughts only on positive things. If you want wealth and success, focus only on feeding your brain the affirmations and thoughts that will lead you down that path.

The brain

Napoleon Hill compared the brain to a radio, because both operate on a specific set of frequencies. These brain frequencies are our emotions such as love, hate, despair, fear, confidence. The radio can only produce sound when the transmitter and receiver are tuned to the same frequency. Likewise, if you want your brain to provide wealth, you must make sure that your emotions reflect that frequency back to you.

The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is believed to be a mysterious sensing ability that can give you thoughts and ideas to help you become a receiver of information instead of just a transmitter. Like Napoleon Hill's other mystical theories, everyone chooses to accept it or not.