The Weird Tale of the Biologist who Saw a UFO in his Garden
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The Weird Tale of the Biologist who Saw a UFO in his Garden


There have been countless reported cases of people claiming to have seen extraterrestrials, or at least UFOs. The majority of these aren't seen as authentic since they're not supported by concrete evidence and are usually the product of one's overactive imagination.

But when UFO stories are told by a person devoted to science, they begin to spark a more genuine interest. Such is the case with a young biologist from the city of Nancy, France, who witnessed an unusual flying machine in the 20th century.

The date was October 21, 1982. Around lunchtime, a young biologist was conducting routine work in his garden when he heard something abnormally strange. Above him he saw a relatively small oval-shaped flying disk.

On its underside, the unique craft was colored grey, while its top was greenish. The young scientist was able to scan over the machine in detail but was unable to make out separate parts. Another feature that stood out was the fact that the strange contraption was nearly silent, while it did not seem to radiate any heat either.

But, when the flying object disappeared into the sky, the grass in the area over which it had hovered stood on end. The seeds in the plants nearby looked as if they had been baked. At the same time, there was no visible change in their roots.

Following the enigmatic encounter, the young biologist rushed to contact authorities and relate his story. By all accounts it appeared that he had in fact seen something out of the ordinary but to this day the origin of the flying object remains a mystery.