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Night Owls are More Creative Than Early Birds

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Individuals who stay up late at night and prefer to remain in their bed until noon develop more positive qualities than the early birds, a new study shows. Science calls these types of people night owls.

Even though no small number of studies criticize this type of sleep schedule because 8 hours of sleep during the night is seen as healthy, psychologist Chase Hollick has found that night owls develop more talents than people who like to get up early.

It has been found that people who fall under the night owl group like to find solitude, are quiet and thoughtful. Their sleep schedule makes them more creative and with a more structured and logical speech.


Night owls have a much more developed imagination than early birds. They love to remain alone with their thoughts and being alone doesn't scare them. Often, their great successes are owed to the ideas they come up with at night.

These types of people are spontaneous and love to improvise. They try to escape routine at any cost and are ready to do anything to change things up. They readily take on every challenge that can lead to further inspiration.

But the actual sleep schedule of night owls makes them nonstandard and this affects different aspects of their lives, with their actions frequently going outside the bounds of the typical and expected.

For night owls it's very important to wake up rested, so when they go to bed late they must always wake up late. Otherwise they don't feel productive enough.

If someone you know belongs to this group of people, you have to understand that you shouldn't try to change them by any means. You have to appreciate their originality and independence just the way they are.