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Foreign voices dictating the works of great writers

Foreign voices dictating the works of great writers

There is historical evidence that great writers have worked their work forces under dictation from above. The same has happened with other great minds in world history such as doctors, artists and mathematicians.

One of the writers was the author of "Treasure Island" Robert Louis Stevenson. As a child he suffered from nightmares, for which no doctor could not find a cure. In dreams, strangers and strange creatures haunt the little Robert. When grew up and began to write his books he started to understand that what came out from under his pen were actually the stories of his nocturnal visitors from his childhood. Which explains the vast imagination of the writer.

The fate of its American counterpart, Edgar Allan Poe is the same. It is recognized that it is his secret voices that suggest the topics for his books. He claims that he writes by dictation from a voice in his head. He goes on to report that the voices do not change.

A German poet and dramatist Goethe also shared that his ideas come to him from another universe.

Emmanuel Svednborg is a Swedish mathematician, astronomer and physicist. When asked how he wrote so much, he explains that sometimes he wonders about the same question and added that he has done with help "from above".

The great chemist, physician and philosopher, Paratsels, even claimed that using the "spirit world" was associated with people over great distances and even with dead people.