What the Zodiac Signs Should Prepare for in the Coming Week
За какво да се подготвят зодиите през седмицата
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What the Zodiac Signs Should Prepare for in the Coming Week

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Beginning Monday, September 1st, Mercury enters into Libra. On Wednesday, a trine will form between the Sun and Pluto, which will place obstacles in the way of our goals for most of us, while on Friday, Venus will enter into Virgo.

Aries - Time for conversations and work

This week, the communication between you and your romantic partner will be more harmonious with Mercury entering into Libra. With Venus entering Virgo, you will be reminded that it's time for work. You will also focus on your health, doing everything necessary to get in shape.


Taurus - You attain the perfect balance

This week you will easily find a balance between work and fun, diets and physical exercises. You will be greatly motivated to work on your self-improvement. Now is also the time to kick some harmful habits, which have been hampering you for some time. Beginning Friday, the chance for meeting new romantic partners is increased.

Gemini - It's time for something different

Many flirtations and romantic moments await you beginning Monday, when Mercury enters into Libra. You can dedicate this week to cultural activities, such as art galleries and theater. Venus entering Virgo shows that it's time to diversify the atmosphere at work.

Cancer - Take care of your outer appearance

Venus entering Virgo this Friday will make you think about your outer appearance. You can sign up for a gym, which will enliven both your body and spirit. Jupiter's presence in Leo will urge you to look for new opportunities for earning money. There will be complete harmony in your home this week.

Leo - Be more balanced

Try to be more balanced this week, especially with your family. Your problems with debt will be completely resolved. Think about the needs of your relatives and take care not to hurt someone with your words. This week you can spoil yourself with a luxury item.

Virgo - Pay attention to your intuition and dreams


This week, pay attention to your intuition and dreams because they will hint about the answers to the questions you've been asking for a long time. With Venus entering your zodiac sign, the passion and romance in your life will ignite with full intensity. This week is appropriate for you to work on your style and image.

Libra - Share your plans with loved ones

With Mercury having entered into your sign this past Monday, it will be extremely easy for you to express your feelings with words. Your social life will continue to develop in a positive direction. If you have any plans, share them and you will find strong support from your loved ones.

Scorpio - You receive support from friends

You will receive a lot of support throughout the week, which you will appreciate. The encouraging words of your friends will be what drive you to success. During the week, you will take on a more secretive position than usual, which will benefit your personal life.

Sagittarius - You will achieve your goals using communication

Your daily life becomes loaded with romance beginning Monday, with Mercury having entered into Venus. Your social circles will also expand by attracting new people around you. Communication with the right people will help you reach your goals.

Capricorn - You're missing something that would help you grow

Throughout the entire week, you will have the feeling that you're missing something to help you grow. This week you will try to discover new abilities within you, which to develop. Your career will depend on your networking with the right people. You have need of advice that will give you the necessary boost to go forward.


Aquarius - Your imagination and enthusiasm are expanding

This week you will be developing in every aspect - friends, work and love relations. After September 1st, your enthusiasm and imagination will reach their climax. The week is suitable for paying off an old debt that's been worrying you for quite some time. Set some time aside for meditation as well.

Pisces - You feel more confident

This week you will feel confident in your own abilities and skills. If you're looking for a new job, aim for it to be a challenge for you. The transit of Mercury this week will stabilize your financial position. Your relations with loved ones will be more harmonious.