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Find out Your Horoscope for Today - November 17


You'll bask in the power of your imagination today, which will let loose through the aspect between Neptune in Pisces and the lunar nodes.

At the same time, the Moon enters sensitive Cancer, making us vulnerable to emotions and events. It's time to bolster the spiritual within us by opening our eyes to what fate is trying to tell us.

The position of the planets will reward every expression of creative thought and behavior that knows no boundaries and limits.

Aries - Today you may encounter difficulties when you have to look at your problems from a different perspective but this shouldn't discourage you and lead you to negative thoughts. Show greater patience both toward the people around you, as well as toward the events which you expect change from. Don't be quick to get disappointed if you don't see progress, instead keep your faith and everything will finally work out.

Taurus - Be more altruistic toward your coworkers and friends by showing greater empathy for the problems they face. Don't rush to judge others if you're not receiving the precision from them that you're used to working with. Accept that not everyone has your level of experience and sound judgement. Show understanding toward the normal human mistakes so that you're not judged later on as well.

Gemini - You may be feeling disappointed today after not seeing the results of the effort put in thus far. Give will to your discontent because it is what will provoke you to action. No matter what problems are worrying you, think on them and do not overlook any possible solution. The way out of the situation may lie in your boldest dreams.

Cancer - Even though your feelings will be intense throughout the day, it'll be hard for you to talk about them. But you can't expect others to spontaneously show concern for your emotional state if you don't share what exactly it is. So try to communicate more, for your conversations may lead you to true spiritual insight.

Leo - Today you're going to have to work hard to discern fantasy from reality. It won't be easy for you to determine what may or may not benefit you because the events and people around you will seem too hazy for you to make a concrete decision. Although you'll be feeling emotionally unstable, it is in fact your feelings that will serve as your most loyal adviser. As such, trust in your intuition completely.

Virgo - Your day will be loaded with doubts and fear, making you feel as though you're en route to losing the comfort and control of your life. But all this is trying to show you that you've become overly independent and isolated from others lately, that it's time to confide your worries to those closest to you. Don't be worried about cooperating with others, as the sought-after security will only come from them.

Libra - You're likely to be torn between your desire to have fun and responsibilities at work today but you're going to have to focus more on your career. Your ideas may be spectacular but they won't become realized unless you channel all of your energy into them. Success won't come through miracles but only through hard work. Write down everything that comes to mind today and then invest the effort to make it happen.

Scorpio - Now is the time to make your grandest dreams public. Don't keep your goals secret any longer, instead start to pursue them with all of the decisiveness you're capable of. Be creative and don't focus on the little shortfalls, but rather enjoy the works you're conceiving. After a time you may come to realize that your skills aren't as feeble as you had thought.

Sagittarius - Take advantage of the opportunities today in order to get away from your preplanned schedule and work on issues related to family and the home. Today you may give in to stormy emotional experiences that you'll remember for life but to do so you must live in the moment, without any second thoughts. Don't be so pragmatic and don't seek benefits at all costs.

Capricorn - The facts today will seem unclear and misleading to you. No matter how hard you try to find logic, it'll be problematic to do so. But instead of focusing on sobering thought, open up to the more spiritual side of life today and look to each piece of information as an opportunity for unlocking your fantasy. Through the power of your imagination you'll be able to look more positively at everything that's happening.

Aquarius - You have an opportunity for improving your financial state but you shouldn't continue waiting for miracles, instead divide up your ideas and focus on those with more potential. Even your imagination is guiding you toward financial progress but it will not come if you don't think soberly about how to realize your intentions in practice. Don't hole up in your fantasies, instead use them as a motivation to act.

Pisces - Your wild fantasies today are going to feed your self-confidence and desire to act in order to make your dreams reality. They may seem too unrealistic but they have potential if you bring them out into the world. Don't suppress your desires today, believe in them because it's what you need at this stage in order to feel comfortable and more confident in yourself.