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Dreaming of AliensDreaming of Aliens
13 Aug.
Dreams of aliens generally reflect your subconscious’ anticipation of upcoming changes in your life....
Aliens cure from leukemia?Aliens cure from leukemia?
20 Nov.
When I was pregnant, before being kidnapped by aliens doctors raised their hands and said there is no way to help me. However these strange creatures knew what to do....
Dream CatalystsDream Catalysts
28 May
There are many ways to make your dreams brighter and more significant. Such dreams carry more information in them and are easier to remember. To do this, so-called dream catalysts are used....
Are the pyramids work of aliens?Are the pyramids work of aliens?
16 Dec.
It seems more plausible that the possibility of aliens came to the earth in 10, 500 BC and built these Pyramids and Sphinx....
True Alien EncountersTrue Alien Encounters
08 Jan.
Eduardo and his brother were scared when they realized that this must be an alien. A known case is that of kidnapped by aliens Jesse Long....
Cases of Alien AbductionsCases of Alien Abductions
17 Oct.
The number of cases of aliens abducting people are not only one or two. Often after such events, there is physical proof left over, proving their reality....
Tales of Alien abductionsTales of Alien abductions
08 July
Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens and then returned back to our planet....
How to Recognize the Aliens Living Among usHow to Recognize the Aliens Living Among us
22 July
For example, a small figure and slim physique, as well as fine bones, can hint at the alien origin of a seemingly average person, Virtue says....
Aliens hiding in the depths of the oceanAliens hiding in the depths of the ocean
04 May
Looks like we have a job with a massive alien invasion. Experts believe that they are using the planets oceans of our planet as a basis for recovery....
Sigmund Freud's Dream DictionarySigmund Freud's Dream Dictionary
21 Oct.
Based on Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis, dreams reveal our subconscious fears and desires. It is by using these messages in our dreams that we can find out our subconscious thoughts....
Hindu dream meaning interpretationsHindu dream meaning interpretations
24 June
Dreams have always been a mystery to people. Why do we dream and what do our dreams mean, these are questions that people ask themselves since the ancient times....
The Kerch Alien Mystery - SolvedThe Kerch Alien Mystery - Solved
05 Sept.
The case came to be known as the Mystery of the Kerch Alien, with Kerch being the region in Russia where the remains had been discovered. Analyses showed that they are at least 2000 years old....
The Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsThe Atacama Alien Stuns Scientists
18 Sept.
They hypothesize that the alien from Atacama was the result of a cross between a human and an alien. Extraterrestrial believers state that that would explain the human DNA found in the being....
NASA is Creating a Handbook for Communication with AliensNASA is Creating a Handbook for Communication with Aliens
05 June
The very fact that the received signal was kept in secret for years has aroused people's suspicion of a coverup of an alien civilization....
Flying DreamsFlying Dreams
03 Aug.
Being unaware at the time you feel aware of the dream only says that one is unaware of being in touch with the lucid dream however on the same token during a flying dream we make the connection with the lucid dream as one...