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Hindu dream meaning interpretationsHindu dream meaning interpretations
24 June
Dreams have always been a mystery to people. Why do we dream and what do our dreams mean, these are questions that people ask themselves since the ancient times....
Interpretation of Dreams in ChristianityInterpretation of Dreams in Christianity
26 July
Religious interpretation of dreams leaves room for symbolic interpretation, this is basically an image or icon that have sacred significance. These are the dreams that are known as dream symbols....
The Correct Interpretations of the Most Scandalous Erotic DreamsThe Correct Interpretations of the Most Scandalous Erotic Dreams
12 Dec.
Here's how they interpret some of the most common erotic dreams. - if you dream that you're in the body of a person of the opposite sex, don't worry, the dream isn't an indication of homosexual tendencies....
Dream CatalystsDream Catalysts
28 May
There are many ways to make your dreams brighter and more significant. Such dreams carry more information in them and are easier to remember. To do this, so-called dream catalysts are used....
Sigmund Freud's Dream DictionarySigmund Freud's Dream Dictionary
21 Oct.
Here are some of the most commonly seen images and their basic interpretation based on psychoanalysis. Vehicle In psychoanalysis, dreaming of a vehicle represents movement in life....
Injury DreamsInjury Dreams
23 June
For example, people in depression who dream nightmarish dreams will only worsen the situation of suffering the next day. So perhaps it's better that man did not see dreams....
Flying DreamsFlying Dreams
03 Aug.
Being unaware at the time you feel aware of the dream only says that one is unaware of being in touch with the lucid dream however on the same token during a flying dream we make the connection with the lucid dream as one...
Dream that you are pregnant?Dream that you are pregnant?
22 Mar.
Finally in the third trimester dreams are filled with your own mother....
Freud's Dream Dictionary - Part 2Freud's Dream Dictionary - Part 2
22 Oct.
That which we dream shows our subconscious desires and fears, according to psychoanalysis. It is because of this that the experts have written a dream dictionary, interpreting the most popular dream images....
Dream Meanings According to HinduismDream Meanings According to Hinduism
14 May
Dreams have always been a mystery to people. Why we dream and what our dreams symbolize are questions which people have been asking since ancient times....
Dream Meanings According to IslamDream Meanings According to Islam
14 May
Dream interpretation in Islam agrees with Christianity and recognizes real dreams as ones sent by God and his angels. In Islam, these real dreams are a way of Allah communicating with people....
How to Recognize a Prophetic DreamHow to Recognize a Prophetic Dream
23 Sept.
Moreover, these dreams are remembered very well, to the smallest details....
Several hypotheses about why we dreamSeveral hypotheses about why we dream
20 May
In dreams we often realize our own dreams are to remind us of something or are to enable us to protect someone. Mankind think this can actually work. Genius ideas are shown to some during their dreams....
Women dream more nightmares than menWomen dream more nightmares than men
25 Mar.
Another study concluded that women dream more often of family members, they have more negative emotions and less aggression than in the dreams of men....
What do Blind People Dream of?What do Blind People Dream of?
02 June
Among the greatest mysteries related to dreams is the question of what blind people dream of. How does the brain of an individual who can't see build up their environment?...