Injury Dreams

Injury Dreams

Incidentally, if you previously thought that we solve our internal problems in our sleep, the scientists now talk about injury dreams. Under the new theory is better in general to have no dreams...

Specialists from University Clinic of Zurich reached this conclusion after having a 73-year-old woman patient.

She was hospitalized after a stroke which destroyed part of the occipital blood flow to the brain. At home the consequences of the impact were not unusual, the patient received some damage to the eye and felt weakness in one half of her body. But after a few days the woman stopped dreaming. According to scientists, before, she dreamed 3-4 times per week. But after the collision she has never once dreamed for over a year.

The survey showed that some people can live without dreaming. In other words, dreams have no real useful function. This was discovered after analysis of control emanating from the brain of a patient during sleep of the electromagnetic waves - Alpha, delta, theta.

Researchers stayed up every night for a little over six weeks. The patient reported no dreams, not even when she wakes during the so-called REM phase. Apparently, the occipital part of the brain that was damaged in the patient, play a role in the emergence of dreams.

That is, clarified that the woman does not see any dreams during the rapid or slows phases. But to the amazement of scientists, patient sleeps absolutely normally.

Good sleep

An opinion of the British professor, Jim Horne, dreams are for our motion picture consciousness. They entertain our brains while we sleep, but nothing else.

Horne said that usually people who take antidepressants do not dream, but these people are not crazy, hey are absolutely normal and have no memory problems.

In fact dreaming may even be harmful to humans, warns the British professor. For example, people in depression who dream nightmarish dreams will only worsen the situation of suffering the next day.

So perhaps it's better that man did not see dreams. There are many known cases of patients who have had more than one year without dreaming and mental health has actually improved ...



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