Dreams About Hair

Jana G.Jana G.

Combing your hair in a dream can be a sign of your desire to get out of a sticky situation. Getting a haircut portends new ventures.

If in your dream, you put a lot of gel in your hair, this reveals your willingness to smooth out relations with a person close to you. If your hair is falling in your dream, this shows that you are depressed.

Beautiful, gorgeous hair in a dream is a symbol of good health. Thick hair means that you are at peace with yourself. If your hair is clean in a dream, this means that something you have started will result in success.

If your hair is ruffled, this is a sign that you need to organize your thoughts and decide how to act in a situation that is complex for you, which you avoid even thinking about.

An extravagant hairstyle is a harbinger of drama. If your hair is way too long in a dream, this means that you will have to wait until your plans come to fruition.


Dreaming of dirty hair, or that you have dandruff, means that you have made a wrong decision, the consequences of which will fall upon you.

If you see lice in your hair in a dream, this is a sign that you must not listen to the advice of people who have just recently become your friends. Nothing good can come of it. Lice are also a sign of money.

Dreaming of your own hair being gray or of people with gray hair is a bad sign. Unpleasant changes await you. If your hair is cut very short, you will have financial problems.

A voluminous hairstyle and fluffy hair are a harbinger of great happiness. If you are stroking someone's hair in a dream, a new love awaits you. Dreaming of black hair portends sadness.

If you see blonde hair, this means the end of your troubles. If you cannot comb your hair in a dream, this is a sign of issues in the workplace.