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Miller's Dream Dictionary for Predicting the Future

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Miller's dream dictionary was created by German psychiatrist Gustavus Miller, who studied dreams. According to him, dreams provide important encrypted information for past, present and future events.

Miller's analyses have given us the interpretations of some of the most common symbols in our dreams.

Hair - if a woman dreams that she's combing her hair she'll act carelessly in the way she handles a particular problem and then regret it. A man who dreams of himself being bald will become poor as a result of excessive generosity and foolish purchases.


If you dream that your hair has turned gray, this is a sign of sadness. If another person in your dream has gray hair, they have need of your forgiveness in real life.

Curly hair in a dream indicates love adventures, while messy and dirty hair means failure on the romantic front. Hair loss has the same meaning but the news of failure will be accompanied by something comforting.

Water - clear water is a symbol of wellness, murky water - of danger. If you dream that you're swimming in murky water you'll make bitter mistakes or be disappointed by people close to you. If you're drinking murky water, watch out for diseases.

But if you're dreaming of clean water, your big dreams will come true. Swimming in water represents a new love, while drinking it symbolizes a realized goal.

Car - if you dream that you're driving a car it means your actions in real life will bring you successes. But if you dream of a car accident, you will have problems with coworkers and business partners. If you manage to avoid a car accident in a dream it means you will avoid clashing with your enemies in reality as well.


A dream in which you are buying a new car shows that you'll get ahead in your career. If you're selling your car expect an unpleasant change. A stolen car means that your own ideas will bring you troubles.

If you dream you're riding in a car or simply see one without being in it, this portends successful travels and wonderful changes in the future.

Death - death and dying people according to Miller's dream dictionary are a type of warning or challenges before your dreams. If the dead person is speaking to you, expect bad news.

If the deceased is happy and smiling, your mistakes won't be that serious and won't affect your entire life. Heed the words of the deceased because they are advice with which to handle the problems.

Blood - should you dream of blood red clothes, watch out for enemies that want to bring you down. Also be wary of the new people you meet.

If you dream that blood is spilling from a wound, watch out for diseases or problems at work as a result of failed agreements. A dream where you have blood on your hands portends of bad luck.