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Freud's Dream Dictionary - Part 2

Antonia R.Antonia R.

That which we dream shows our subconscious desires and fears, according to psychoanalysis. It is because of this that the experts have written a dream dictionary, interpreting the most popular dream images.


Bridges symbolize transitions and the need for change in the life of the dreamer. Change is something they wish for subconsciously but in reality they lack the will and decisiveness to make it happen.


Chains in a dream are a symbol of limitations. If you are chained, it means that you are subconsciously placing some kinds of restrictions on yourself in life. If you are chaining some type of animal, it indicates that you are suppressing your sexuality. If you are chaining another person, it means that you feel subconscious guilt toward them.

Being chased

Whatever is chasing you in your dream is something that is worrying you in real life. If you are chasing something or someone, it signifies that you desire it/them but your subconscious rejects it and doesn't want to admit it.


Falling in a dream shows that you worry too much. Subconsciously you have the feeling that you're losing control of the situation and that you will fail.


Demons in a dream are the suppressed evil sides to you that you are deeply troubled about revealing in real life. They are an indication that you need to change your attitude to a better one.


According to Freud, hair symbolizes sexuality. If it is thick and long, this implies that you feel attractive to the opposite sex. If you are combing it, it denotes that you've lost your libido. Falling hair is the fear of losing your charm.



Hands in a dream symbolize powerlessness. If you're washing your hands, this signifies that you have a sense of guilty but refuse to admit it to yourself.


If you are killing in your dream, it is a sign that you want to kill some type of fault or fear in you. If killing someone you know, it indicates that you don't like them subconsciously, which is why you are liquidating them in your dream.

Missing the bus

If in your dream you miss a bus, train, airplane or other mode of transportation, it reveals that you are wasting an opportunity that fate has granted you and your subconscious is signaling you for it.


Celebrities in a dream show who you want to be in real life. You see a quality or talent in a particular celebrity, a talent that you want to possess yourself.


Dreams where you see yourself naked portray how you see yourself in the eyes of others. If you feel ashamed, it means that something within is disturbing you, but if you feel prideful, it means that you love being the center of attention.


If running up or down stairs in your dream, this signifies that you're trying to get away from your own emotions. If climbing stairs - you're worried about something - your parents, a relationship, your home.


Dreaming of a divine image indicates that you are keeping your energy and inner wisdom hidden behind a screen of calm and indifference.


Roads in a dream reveal how we view the direction in life we've taken. If the road is clear, it means that we live without any worries, while obstacles portray how we react to impediments.