What the Different Zodiac Signs Dream About
За какво мечтаят различните зодии
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What the Different Zodiac Signs Dream About


People's charm lies in their uniqueness and differences. Different individuals have different goals and desires. Some bet on material things, while others try to perfect themselves in the spiritual aspect.

And even though dreams are something personal, as Isaac Asimov once said, the representatives of the various zodiac signs, to a great extent, share similar views of life, have similar priorities and even shared dreams. Here's what people belonging to the 12 zodiac signs most often dream of:


Aries wasn't meant for mediocrity. He is big, both in his actions and in his dreams. Representatives of this sign most frequently dream of conquering a peak that no one else has or of stepping where no human foot has stepped before them.

If you're building a spaceship for interstellar travel, be sure to choose a crew of Aries only. This way you're guaranteed to reach the deepest corners of the galaxy.



Representatives of this sign are deeply and utterly connected to the earth and the material. Even in their dreams they are exceptionally practical - they dream of money and material possessions, not necessarily in that order.

The average Taurus can spend hours lost in fantasies of a big house with a beautiful lawn, where his kids and pets are happily running around. Add a hammock and a ton of flowers and you've got a perfect scene.


With Gemini, things are always more complex than with the other zodiac signs, all due to their dualistic nature. They are simply 2 persons trapped in 1 body and this usually infuriates and confuses others.


Geminis dream of - well, everything. At the same time, if possible. They want to lounge on the couch at home, while at the same time impressing their bosses with presentations at their job, while seeing all the sights in the world and still find more time for their family. Their list is endless.


Representatives of this sign dream, above all else, for something interesting to happen to them. They fantasize about compelling and intriguing events and situations, where they play the star role. They often dream that they're secret agents, fighter jet pilots, world famous movie stars, race car drivers.


They fantasize about things they'll never actually do in real life, they are just too indecisive and hate taking risks.


Leo dreams of how to become an even bigger lion. Just like in real life, the representatives of this zodiac sign have a single priority in their fantasies as well - their well-being. Leos dream of power, of success in business.

Buried deep beneath their fantasies of success lies their dream of also having more time to spend with their little lion cubs and their partner.



Representatives of this zodiac sign are perfectionists in every aspect and when they dream, they dream of how they can become even better. Virgos fantasize about having just a little more free time so they can arrange their shirts in their closet by color or for a new household cleaner that will allow them to get rid of the limestone in their bathroom or for a super fast computer, with which they can do twice as much work.


Representatives of this zodiac sign have a need to be constantly cared for and this becomes obvious in their fantasies. Libras dream of a breakfast in bed served by their beloved. Then their day continues with a romantic walk and lunch in a high end restaurant.


Next, representatives of this sign set aside time to shop in a huge mall, while their evening is reserved for elegant cocktails with the upper class. And all the guests' attention has to be aimed at them because they are IMPORTANT.


Scorpio has a secretive character and sexuality which he lets loose uncontrollably in his personal fantasies. He dreams and fantasizes about a secret, passionate relationship with a person of his inner circle.

A Scorpio can spend days working out a fantasy with the object of his desire. In fact it can be so detailed that he mistakes it for reality.


Sagittarius was born to travel. He loves it and fantasizes about wondrous journeys to exotic destinations. Sagittarii are incorrigible romantics and often in these dreamed up travels they also meet the love of their life. They tend to garnish this fantasy with the latest concept car models.



Capricorns are practical and organized. In their dreams they are often explorers of hard-to-reach and dangerous areas or are wartime generals. They aren't so interested in discovery or victory, so much as the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership qualities and skills.


Aquarians born explorers and researchers. They dream of something new and unstudied. Examples of these can be the latest smart phone model or finding a cure for cancer. In their dreams, Aquarians discover faraway planets inhabited by intelligent life or found a new religion that changes the lives of millions for the better.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are some of the laziest. They don't dream of great discoveries or faraway journeys. What they do dream of most often is a little bit more free time, where they can do nothing and keep fantasizing.

And if at all possible they would like their fantasizing and free time to happen on a sunny beach near the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.