Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams

Remembering these for weeks unlike others that are forgotten on awakening these flying dreams are fun and literally unforgettable. These dreams represent fun and generally positive things in ones life. Flying tells one they feel on top of the world and are flying to new heights. A flying dream in most cases that of a lucid dream, a lucid dreams means we are aware that we dreaming at the time and may feel like we are literally watching ourselves from the outside or maybe even feel like an actor in a movie, however this can manipulate the outcome of the dream. Being unaware at the time you feel aware of the dream only says that one is unaware of being in touch with the lucid dream however on the same token during a flying dream we make the connection with the lucid dream as one is more times aware during flying that in real fly one can not fly.

However to every positive presents a negative and that is exactly what can happen in these dreams, for example, maybe you start to free fall or can not take off in the first place? This would then represent the dream telling us that maybe we have lost confidence in something or that we feel pressure to accomplish something we feel is not in our reach at the time, in this case you can simply re evaluate your ambitions in real life and see if you identify where the problem is.

Flying away from something also tells us something; maybe you are trying to get away from something? These type of deams are far from complicated to interpret. However even if flying to avoid something, it is not such a big deal because the flying itself is an enjoyable experience. Ultimately it is the way we fly that tells one about the dream not the actual flying.

Free flying - being able to direct your flying either by hands of feet and both, being able to somersault and generally having control of your own flying ability tells one that you feel proud of an achievement, and generally feel on top of the world. Life in all areas feels good to one right now.

Flying with wings; This represents the sense of birds or angels, the birds and angels represents a force strength heading to the future, holding ethics and principles that mortals don't have. With a clear vision one feels they are above us mortals.

Flying Dreams

Flying at low altitudes; This shows us that one is determined to accomplish the ambition. Flapping intensively in a dream shows pure determination and you are on course. Also the dream is telling one that relief from setbacks is inevitable.

Flying an aeroplane, helicopter or other flying devices; this shows one they are on course and even though not flying independently yet feel they have accomplished something to be proud of and therefore expect support and praise from others around them. Also feeling the freedom allows you to respect what others bring to you.