Nineteen-Month-Old Boy Already Knows How to ReadNineteen-Month-Old Boy Already Knows How to Read
25 Nov.
Carter began recognizing letters when he was just 7 months old. He began putting whole words together after turning 1 year old....
Stonehenge and the 47 Lunar MonthsStonehenge and the 47 Lunar Months
05 Aug.
She goes to say no matter how many that become visible during the 47 lunar month there still holds a gap of 47 lunar months between each individual eclipse. She describes this process as a family....
Dreaming of waterDreaming of water
17 Mar.
Water plays a huge role in the history of mankind. Whether it is a deep lake, a river flowing with furious force, or a vast ocean, water has always been friend and foe....
Water chasing depressionWater chasing depression
16 May
And if there is no nearby river then sit buy a fountain to listen to the murmur of the water. Turn off the sound of mobile phones and at least half an hour a day just listen to how the water flows....
Incredible Survival StoriesIncredible Survival Stories
10 Jan.
With this injury, known as orthopedic decapitation, the doctors gave Jordan one percent chance to survive. Visitors to twenty Churches started to pray for the boy....
How to make solar water and what it is useful forHow to make solar water and what it is useful for
11 Nov.
To charge the water, just leave a glass container on the terrace to soak the moonlight. Lunar water is suitable for drinking before bedtime, and her power in the bedroom can provide dreams without nightmares ....
Dreams of FoodDreams of Food
23 Sept.
If you're boiling macaroni in a dream, this portends huge trouble or poverty. If the boiled macaroni are all stuck together in a large mass, expect trouble that someone close to you can prevent. Eating macaroni in a...
The Different Types of WaterThe Different Types of Water
27 Aug.
The water we drink on a daily basis can be divided into mineral water, tap water or spring water. In turn these 3 types of water can be subdivided according to their mineralization - low, medium or high in minerals....
Power of the Water SignsPower of the Water Signs
29 Feb.
From a negative standpoint, whenever such a person is an energy vampire, they are perfect at it, as they can manipulate and drain the energy of anyone without a problem....
Grandmotherly Superstitions Related to WaterGrandmotherly Superstitions Related to Water
20 Nov.
It is thought that water can help us after we've had a nightmare....
Diets for the Water SignsDiets for the Water Signs
05 Mar.
The diet for Pisces contains only foods that their body needs....
How to make holy waterHow to make holy water
30 July
This water is called dead water. The other case is the seventh night of July, again between midnight and four o'clock in the morning. This water is living water. Both have the qualities of holy water....
Five-year-old boy remembers his past lifeFive-year-old boy remembers his past life
26 Apr.
She confirmed that when she was small, with her brothers and sisters they would watch the black and white dog. However all of them are dead....
A Man Went 18 Days Without SleepA Man Went 18 Days Without Sleep
16 Apr.
It is not possible to determine whether a person is sleeping without doing a medical examination. Very often, people fall asleep for a few seconds with their eyes open, if they are incredibly tired....
NASA: Earth's Water is Being DepletedNASA: Earth's Water is Being Depleted
19 June
Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, say that it's not fully clear how much underground water is available in the water-bearing layers but what is known is that people waste perfectly good drinking water...

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