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What Does it Mean if you Have the Letter X on your Palm?

X on Palm
Image: iJandK

Every person has a unique body but there are certain characteristics which even different individuals share. The letter X on the palm of one's hand is one of these.

Even though its presence is shrouded in mystery, palmistry (divining the future by studying the palm) experts believe in its significance when it comes to human character.

It's been estimated that about 3% of the human population has this kind of sign on their hand. And they all stand out with their leadership qualities.

X on Palm
Image: iJandK

Studies have shown that among these have been Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin, as well as other famous figures who have left their mark on human history.

People with the letter X on their hand are destiny's chosen. It's possible for them to have many difficulties throughout life but will always find a way to overcome and come out as winners out of every situation because they possess incredible strength. If the above mentioned sign is found on both their palms, then their power is even greater.

Their exceptional acumen distinguishes them. They have remarkable analytical abilities and are adept at surrounding themselves with people whom they can count on. The groups, teams or armies they form are unbeatable. It's the reason why the actions of these individuals affect the entire world and are remembered for many years.

Additionally, persons with an X on their palm can boast of a strong immune system. They rarely get sick but even when they do they quickly recover. These individuals are simply boiling with energy and are ready for any and all challenges.