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Five-year-old boy remembers his past life

Five-year-old boy remembers his past life

Once spoken, Makkouli Scot Cameron, who is now 5 years old, told his mother that he must return to the island Bara. They lived in Glasgow City and they had not even gone to the island in their lives. She did not pay any attention, but the boy talked every day for the white house, where he previously lived with his brothers and sister.

In his words, the house was near the beach. He constantly spoke of his father Shane Robertson, who was crushed on the island of Bara by a truck. The boy constantly cried as he missed his mother from the island Bara and lapsed into a nervous breakdown. After all the years it was claimed that the child had learned all this from a TV program by psychoanalysts and even psychiatrists, however after the child repeatedly claimed his stories were true his mother finally decided to go to the island.

With their departure doctors, psychologists and specialists in studies of past lives followed. They do not mention where they go. When they reached the house, all were with astonishment as they discovered the details from Cameron's story, a gate of the fence that led to the beach and a stone basin in the yard. The boy was constantly looking around the yard for the dog, which he described as black and white.

With much effort his mother Norma opened the heirs of the house, Gillian Robertson. She confirmed that when she was small, with her brothers and sisters they would watch the black and white dog. However all of them are dead. Some of the things that Cameron told could not be verified by Gillian, apparently she was simply too young when they happened.