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Boy Remembers Past Life! Read his Phenomenal Story Here

Image: Fox8

Subjects about the afterlife and rebirth have long fascinated mankind and continue to actively do so to this day. And although there's no shortage of people that will tell you that this isn't the first time they've been on this planet, not all of them can back their words up with proof.

On rare occasions we do hear stories about rebirth that sound so shockingly real they'll make you genuinely believe in the immortality of the human soul.

One such story is that of a boy named Luke Ruehlman. His claims are so impressive they're capable of making even the biggest skeptic on the subject of rebirth think twice.

Everything began when little Luke was just 2 years old. From the moment he learned to talk he would often mention the name Pam. Although his family did not know any woman named Pam, the mysterious lady in question would continue to be the subject of the boy's stories.

At first, Luke's parents did not pay much mind to his words, thinking them just the fruits of his childhood imagination. But as the years passed, things became more complicated.

Luke would claim that it was he himself who was called Pam in his past incarnation of a black woman. He would describe in detail her appearance and character, while even remembering the circumstances under which the so-called Pam had died.

Luke Reborn

According to his claims, the young woman had died a rather tragic death. A fire had broken out in the building she lived in and she was forced to jump out the window. After her death, her soul appeared before God, who again sent her down to Earth. It was at that point that her life as Luke began, who retained the memory of her past life.

When Luke's stories about Pam became ever more prominent, his family began looking for information about a lady matching his description. As it turned out, there really was an obituary of a woman named Pam who had died during a fire in 1993. Now imagine the shock Luke's parents experienced upon discovering that their son had been telling the truth.