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What does it mean if you lose an earring


If you lose your earring, it is annoying, because it would disrupt the harmony of your jewelry, but it also carries connotations. Beliefs about lost earrings have been around for centuries.

It is unfortunate for men to lose an earring, but for women, it is true happiness, according to ancient beliefs. If you lose an earring on your right ear, it portends marriage. This belief is often true, sometimes not about marriage, but new love affairs.

To lose the earring from your left ear means that negative energy is piling on you over a very long period of time. To protect you, the earring took that negative energy and has fallen from your ear.

If the earring is made of semiprecious stones, mostly turquoise or jasper, that is a sure sign that someone you was bad, but not be able to harm you.

When a married woman has lost an earring on her right ear, it means she will soon betray her husband. If your lost an earring from your left ear, you should expect your spouse is cheating.

If you lost a gold earring, it portends trouble and illness, but that will pass quickly and without major consequences. But if you find a gold earring, do not wear it, because it will only bring trouble in terms of health and will affect your love relationship.

If you can not find the owner of the earrings, better have them melted and make it into a cross with the addition of some more gold, then bring it to the church, to be consecrated.

If you do not want a cross from the earring found, leave it for three minutes under running water to cleanse it of negative energies, but it is not recommended then wear it on your ears.

If you find a silver earring, leave it five minutes under running water in the outdoor pool, or just wash it well with water from a bottle, but outside. Then you can wear this earring, it will not harm you.