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Water chasing depression

Water chasing depression

Water has strange properties of the type of information that it processes but works very well for women with depression, Norwegian psychologists are convinced. They experimented with a group of women who were on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

They sent them to the river and after about half an hour of sitting near the sparkling water, over 50 percent of women admitted that they felt much more comfortable.

According to ancient Scandinavian tradition, water helps the woman to sort their feelings. If you sit near a river or a spring and try not to think about anything except for the murmur of the water within a few minutes you will feel how all your bad thoughts are gone.

Biggest impact is if you stand up to the water, dressed in white with a white cloth on your head. Once you feel better, remove the towel from your head and go to swim upriver. It will weigh your concerns and prevent them returning ever again.

Water chasing depression

No matter how funny you think it is at least try to perform this ritual when you feel tense and you will see that there is an unexpected effect. And if there is no nearby river then sit buy a fountain to listen to the murmur of the water.

Turn off the sound of mobile phones and at least half an hour a day just listen to how the water flows. Close your eyes and clear your mind to get into a world where your problems are only minor flaws. Mentally imagine the dust and blow it when you open your eyes and you will feel much better, say psychologists.