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Each Zodiac Sign Hides its own Demon! Find out Yours

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Demon and angel - they hide within each and every one of us. Every zodiac sign has its inborn positive qualities but rarely thinks about the negatives which the Universe has seeded in us.

Good and evil will continue their never-ending struggle. One triumphs one instant and in the next - the other. Finding out who our demons are brings us one step closer to deciding which of them we want to give way to and which we'd like to lock away deep in the corners of our souls.

It is in fact the freedom of choice and freedom of how we act toward others and the surrounding world that explain why 2 representatives of the same sign can be so vastly different. Perhaps one is led more by their benign side, while the other relies entirely on their demons. To better understand the signs, meet their demons below.


They act like primitive animals without holding back any measure of aggression. Even when they do something truly horrible, they don't realize what they've done. Aries are very vicious, while their loved ones and relatives suffer for it most frequently. Don't think they'll ever apologize to you.


Antagonistic, egotistical and stubborn, they live only for themselves. Their careless egotism saps them of the ability to ever think about anyone other than themselves.



Gossiper is their middle name. They simply can't keep a secret. Once they find something out, they can't wait to share it with at least one other person. Some of them have had their feeling of compassion expunged and they genuinely do not care about anyone.


Super sensitive, they take everything personally. They get offended by half a word, complicating the lives of the people around them. Communication with Cancers is particularly difficult.



Absolutely convinced of their supremacy and greatness, they easily cross the line and become laughable. Inside they are extreme fatalists, suffering from an inferiority complex. Additionally, they love to hide dirty secrets. Ultimately, it's those closest to them that suffer.


Obsessed with cleanliness in their home, they often lose the reins on their own life. The maniacal obsession with order drives others crazy. In relationships, their inborn anxiety ruins everything.


Indecisive and constantly filled with doubt, they have even worse qualities, namely that they accumulate negative emotions and then dump them onto their loved ones. This relieves Libras but causes depression in others.



Fearful, aggressive, clever and calculating, he often faces failure. He sees evil everywhere and accepts it as normal. Adept manipulators, Scorpios always manage to ruin everything around themselves.


Their whole life is filled with lies and shams. With these they conceal the fact that they never understanding anything or are plain and simply just stupid. They never learn to be independent and persistent.


They adore competition in their career. They strive for a leadership role, no matter the cost, even if they have to trample over everyone. Ultimately they turn into robots who don't enjoy life.


They always vie for attention when it's inappropriate. They're envious beyond belief of anyone who's more interesting, smart, educated or wealthy than they. Their hatred for anyone better than them can turn extreme.


Usually they just go with the flow and that never leads to anything good. Unstable and incapable of living independently, they're always changing their mood. Plus, they just can't say "NO". All of this makes their communications with others around them especially difficult.