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Never Let Anyone Borrow your Clothes - Curses and Black Magic Await if you Do

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Putting on another person's clothes makes us susceptible to black magic. To protect ourselves from evil spirits we must also never let another person borrow our possessions because they are infused with our energy, which could allow a potential ill-wisher to cause us harm, warn seers and clairvoyants.

Never give another person your clothes to wear because they are carriers of your energy. This continues to be the case, whether they've been washed or not.

Clairvoyants say that they've come across numerous cases where individuals have caused serious harm to their loved ones by putting a spell on them via their clothes.

It's a particularly common practice for 2 women to swap clothes and then start hating each other over a man. When this happens, one of them takes the borrowed article of clothing to a psychic who casts a spell on it and thus does harm to its original owner.


It's most dangerous of all when the clothes of a person from one nationality fall into the hands of a person from another, since there are so many foreign practices unfamiliar to both.

The spells that can be cast are so powerful and horrific that the victim may never even find out how the misfortune caught up to them.

For this reason, it's also not recommended to throw out clothes that we no longer wear by the garbage cans. You just never know who will get their hands on them afterward and what might happen.