Psychological Face ReadingPsychological Face Reading
12 Jan.
For the character, inclinations, and even spiritual qualities of a man, the face will tell. Physiognomy is an ancient knowledge, used even by Aristotle - to study the state of the soul, and Hippocrates - for medical...
Turkish Coffee Cup ReadingTurkish Coffee Cup Reading
11 Jan.
- coffee is actually Turkish. Reading coffee stems from reading tea leaves that has been known for many years in China. Reading sludge in drinks is the result of random, and personal factors, so sludge from the drink...
Eyebrow Face ReadingEyebrow Face Reading
26 June
The face of a person brings a message to the world and reveals part of the character of the designated individual. As the eyes are called window to the soul, eyebrows play a role in the riddle of man. Eyebrows are...
Body Language and Reading FacesBody Language and Reading Faces
27 Feb.
professionally and personally to find the truth behind the vocal chords. Let’s have a look at some tell tale signs to know a person better and some tips you can use for reading ones face. How to Read Faces? To know a person...
Proven: Reading Books Alters the BrainProven: Reading Books Alters the Brain
14 Jan.
article that refers to the research of scientists, according to whom reading novels alters the human brain. The conclusions were reached by experts from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. They have discovered that...
Reading Body Language is Like Watching a MovieReading Body Language is Like Watching a Movie
11 Apr.
Reading a man's body language may seem almost impossible to most women. Keeping in mind his primal nature, the fact that he is driven by sudden impulses and a thirst for adventure, in actuality he shows few signs. In...
Card Reading Shows Your Relationship's Chance for SuccessCard Reading Shows Your Relationship's Chance for Success
19 June
Esoterics claim that regular playing cards can show what direction our relationship with our partner is heading in. The arrangement of the cards will help you build your future plans. To card read on your own...
Reading a Person’s Character by their HandsReading a Person’s Character by their Hands
19 Sept.
A person who often keeps their palms facing down has a dark side to their character. It is quite possible that he is a big liar and often distorts the truth. If a person slightly folds their fingers and walks with an...
Don`t Miss Reading This if you were Born in January!Don`t Miss Reading This if you were Born in January!
12 Jan.
The 1st month of the year begins with the first birthdays as well. There's something particularly special about those born during this cold period of the year. People born during summer tend to be a bit more serious...
Architects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for AstronautsArchitects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for Astronauts
21 Aug.
Dubai, reaching 2721.7 ft (829.8 m). Once built, the space tower will be 21 times taller than it. The initial estimates by Thoth Technology predict a minimum of $5 billion needed for the construction of the tower...
Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and ReadingsEdgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Beliefs and Readings
05 Aug.
exploration of the reading, he also had previously taken successful readings or two members from his family. He went on to request a horoscope reading, it was near to the end of this reading that Edgar Cayce in his sleep...
I've Been Reading the Bible and I've Started Seeing Faces in the SkyI've Been Reading the Bible and I've Started Seeing Faces in the Sky
11 Dec.
I've been reading the Bible for some time now and even began praying. I started seeing faces in the sky, I had a dream about Jesus right before that. Then I saw Satan in front of the Moon, I saw his face...
You`ll Feel Chills After Reading about This Woman`s Sinister GiftYou`ll Feel Chills After Reading about This Woman`s Sinister Gift
19 June
A young woman from Australia possesses an unusual and rather sinister gift. 24-year-old Ari Kala is able to foresee the death of a person based upon their smell. Unfortunately, the Australian woman cannot prevent the...
Classical Literature Helps us Read ThoughtsClassical Literature Helps us Read Thoughts
06 Aug.
A study has shown that reading classical literature books can help us develop paranormal abilities, such as reading the thoughts of others. According to the authors of the study, literature, through its symbols...
Phenomenal! Researchers Have Deciphered One of the Final Dead Sea ScrollsPhenomenal! Researchers Have Deciphered One of the Final Dead Sea Scrolls
26 Jan.
harvest is marked 50 days after the first Sabbath following Passover. The New Oil festival comes after it. Interestingly, the manuscript shows evidence of a second person's handwriting. That person had added the missing...

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