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Scientists Have Communicated a Thought Using Telepathy

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Indian and French scientists have managed to send a thought to each other using telepathy. This is the first successful experiment proving that telepathy exists and that one day everyone will be able to use it.

An Indian scientist, in his native country, has managed to send out a thought to his colleague in France using a device known as an electroencephalogram. An electroencephalogram is a new invention, capable of reading brain waves.

The device was created with the combined efforts of scientists from Harvard Medical School, the French company AxilumRobotics and the University of Barcelona with the cooperation of Starlab Barcelona.

An electroencephalogram can record the brain activity of a person and write it down electronically.

In the experiment, the information was communicated in binary code in the form of lights, which would be easy to decode.


The Indian scientist's thought was encoded and then deciphered after being sent.

Scientists believe that very soon every single person will be able to utilize this device.

The successfully carried out experiment is unique, since it is the first time a thought has been sent out using telepathy.

Not long ago, neurophysicists from Yale University, with the aid of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), managed to reconstruct the images a person sees at a given moment.

The experts called their invention a type of mind-reading device.

For centuries people have been trying to invent such a device, that would allow them to read the thoughts of others. Reading minds has been a subject that has equally fascinated both members of the occult and scientists.

The term "telepathy" first appeared in the 18th century, when the first attempts at reading the minds of others were carried out.

Experiments of sending thoughts at a distance have been conducted in the US, Europe and the former USSR. Even though some of the scientists at that time announced successful attempts, the results of those experiments never got out of the lab.

Currently, experts discern between 2 types of telepathy - emotional telepathy, when sending out emotions, and psychological telepathy, when clear information is sent using words.