Talismans for CapricornTalismans for Capricorn
06 Nov.
The symbol of Capricorn is the body of an animal with horns, ending with the tail of a fish. For representatives of this sign, suitable talismans are ones with an accurate depiction of the symbol of this zodiac...
Talismans for WomenTalismans for Women
19 Mar.
past, present and future. It makes us think about our place in the Universe. A talisman is always a personal possession and it's best if it's crafted especially for a given person. Talismans are symbolic and...
Sumatran Amber - the Largest in the WorldSumatran Amber - the Largest in the World
17 Jan.
The Copenhagen House of Amber was recently included in the Guinness Book of World Records for housing the single largest chunk of amber in the world - the Sunstone. It was found by miners in 2014 in the region...
Talismans to protect from angerTalismans to protect from anger
20 Aug.
neck jade or malachite. People with a strong spirit, who have lost confidence in their own forces, should wear close to their body an onyx amulet. Talismans of zircon improve mental abilities. For travelers, a suitable talisman is beryl, it favors the persistence of feelings. Chalcedony helps mental weakness....
Talismans of the Fire SignsTalismans of the Fire Signs
10 Mar.
though ambitious, they are also generous. Their stones are heliotrope, pearls, cat's eye, coral, amber. Persons born from April 12 - 20 are influenced by Venus. They are passionate by nature, gentle and impulsive...
Talismans by Star SignTalismans by Star Sign
07 Jan.
symbolize the arms and victory. Taurus needs their talisman in the shape of a bull, unless it is ivory. Suitable for Taurus, is a talisman made of copper. Red talismans should be avoided. Geminis need associative mascots...
Talismans from PitsTalismans from Pits
12 Dec.
Make yourself a talisman from fruit pits and it will protect you and help you. To create a talisman to protect against cheating and problems in love, use an apricot pit. Cut it in 2 using a small saw and take...
Wooden Luck TalismansWooden Luck Talismans
18 Dec.
Each item from lime, serves as a talisman for easy communication with people. Pisces, who have difficulty communicating, because they prefer solitude, should have a box from lime, to keep important items there. The...
Feng Shui Talisman for LoveFeng Shui Talisman for Love
05 Nov.
Each culture has its own Amulets and Talismans. In some countries for example, a horse shoe is considered to be lucky for the house. Chinese Talisman Feng Shui is considered one of the strongest in the world. The...
Talismans of the Earth signsTalismans of the Earth signs
18 Dec.
. The stones to bring good luck to them as talismans are agate, rock crystal, moonstone, jade, tiger's eye. 3rd to January 13 Capricorns are born, influenced by Mars. These are people who like to sit at home and prefer...
Birch talismans against negative energy and depressionBirch talismans against negative energy and depression
22 May
- both physically and spiritually. It is invaluable in disenchantment. Birch twigs in Spring are considered very powerful talismans. Such Mascots chase away the pain and diseases and protect children from disease and...
Talismans and amulets: meaning and colorsTalismans and amulets: meaning and colors
15 Aug.
amulets and talismans in the form of jewelry. Each talisman and amulet brings a different energy depending on its color. Red symbolizes passion, courage, strength, good health and strong emotions. This color can be...
Pineapples and apples make powerful talismansPineapples and apples make powerful talismans
14 Dec.
. This talisman helps to success in teaching and family life too. Talismans with an apple blossom give their owner poetry and understanding of the human psyche, retain a sense of youth and promote the right choices at a critical time....
Demons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren AmblerDemons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren Ambler
06 Nov.
I went through an absolutely horrific relationship with Darren Ambler. I thought from day one he was odd. Very fearful and not much personality. I was quick to find out that he wanted sex from me only- like an...
Talisman of Jade brings longevity and healthTalisman of Jade brings longevity and health
09 Jan.
afoot. In addition to the mystical properties, Jade is loaded with healing powers. No need for special activation of jade talismans. They protect their owners and without activation. But as a talisman, it should be...

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