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Talisman of Jade brings longevity and health

Nina NordNina Nord

Jade is the national stone of China, which for long centuries has been valued more than gold and silver, because of its special qualities. Chinese philosophy, five positive qualities are attributed to jade, which are compared with the six spiritual qualities of man.

The hardness of this stone is compared with fairness and balance, its soft glow embodies compassion, its translucency symbolizes honesty, purity. Jade is a symbol of wisdom and its ability to change embodies masculinity.

In China, there is even a proverb which says: "Gold has its price, jade is invaluable". Confucius was compared with jade, as a good man. Jade is a stone that has a diverse range of green hues.

Very rarely jade can be found, which is yellow, white or blue in color. It is believed that Jade provides its owner longevity, prosperity and good health.

In Tibet, Jade is known as the stone of spirits that chase from the owner evil forces, and attracts the family happiness and it gives longevity.

The main purpose of the talisman of jade is to protect people from evil spirits and dark forces - both outside and within man himself. If you wear jade as a talisman, it will charge you with energy potential, and will help in complex situations.

Jade talisman draws luck in gambling and could even protect you from lightning strike. Women believe a jade talisman helps give birth to healthy and strong children.

If the talisman is dull or dark, stop doing whatever it is you are doing, and wonder if something is not stirring afoot. In addition to the mystical properties, Jade is loaded with healing powers.

No need for special activation of jade talismans. They protect their owners and without activation. But as a talisman, it should be chosen carefully.

Protect from jinxes with a jade talisman, bound in silver, statuettes and other accessories from this stone can be used as separate talismans, Jade complements and enhances the actions of the figures themselves.

Ancient Chinese legend says that this mineral stone has occurred due to the fact that one emperor prayed long, offered many sacrifices to the gods and lead a righteous life.

The gods decided to reward him and showered his city with a rain of stones, which lasted three days and three nights. The emperor first came out after the rain, and once he touched the beautiful green stone, received great knowledge of the miraculous properties. Since then, the Chinese consider jade stone as an Imperial symbol.