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Wooden Luck Talismans


Each item from lime, serves as a talisman for easy communication with people. Pisces, who have difficulty communicating, because they prefer solitude, should have a box from lime, to keep important items there.

The properties of the talisman are amplified if a brooch is made of lime and worn as a pendant. It must be diamond shaped, with the image of the hippocampus.

Color drawing of a seahorse must be in blue or silver. People born under the sign of Virgo, will become stronger if they wear a plate of lime strings, in white.

It is this picture that is engraved on the tree. Lime can be a talisman for each sign, which will remove stress and will prevent unnecessary costs on positive energy.

Oak is made for a talisman of luck, which allows you to resolve even the most difficult and complex situations, and to protect against hidden enemies and traitors.

When traveling, a small oak rod with a length of more than fifteen inches helps. If the end of this rod has sapphire or turquoise, and in extreme cases – lead, it is best.

A wonderful talisman is a product of oak with an image of a wheel, horse, eagle or deer. The horse should be white, deer and eagle are also white, but the wheel - gold.

You should not be split up from this talisman. It is especially useful for people born under the sign of Leo. An Oak talisman defends Aries, and makes them stronger.

A talisman of apple blossom leads away from emotional disturbances, and tension. When the apple blossom has 24 colors, without being crushed, Put it on a soft paper and dry it in the shade.

Once dry, put them in a box made of natural material, and put it in the closet for your clothes. This talisman protects against energy loss.