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The Most Popular Good Luck Talismans from Around the World

Antonia R.Antonia R.

People all over the world believe that 4-leaf clovers and horseshoes bring tremendous luck but the different nations worldwide also have their own signature talismans, which they believe attract happiness.

Egypt - Ladder

Since way back in Ancient Egypt, people would place ladders on top of graves, to help the souls of the dead reach the Heavens. Today, Egyptians still consider the ladder a symbol of great luck and anyone who happens to walk under one is thought to be really lucky.

India - Cat's Eye

In India they believe that you're guaranteed to significantly bolster your financial situation if you carry a cat's eye stone in your pocket. The stone also protects against unforeseen losses, helping those who own one maintain their financial stability.

China - Bamboo

One of the most popular good luck talismans in China is bamboo. It symbolizes luck, money and achievements. In Feng Shui it is said that if you place a bamboo plant in the southeast part of your home, you'll increase your luck.


England - Acorns

The English believe that acorns provide strength, prosperity and luck, since during the Norman conquest of England they used acorns as a ward and they really did help them.

US - Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher comes from Native American mythology. They believed that if they hung it over their head while they slept it would protect them from anything evil. The dreamcatcher is a symbol believed to transform nightmares into something positive.

Australia - Frog

The aborigines of Australia believed that frogs brought rainfall and protected them from hail, so they could grow their crops successfully.