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The Most Suitable Talisman for you Based on Birth Date


According to some occult practices, a person can improve their luck and ward themselves from ill-wishers and magic using talismans representing animals, plants, mineral stones (or metals). To enjoy their protection you don't need to carry all 3 with you simultaneously.

Having just 1 of them with you is enough to grant you great successes in love, work and your social circle. You'll protect yourself from ill-wishers and significantly improve your self-esteem. But which talismans are suitable for you?

According to occult practitioners, it is one's birth date that is key when choosing amulets and other items that bring prosperity. See what they recommend, depending on birth date. Follow their advice and take the first steps toward your new, happier and more successful life!

Persons born between December 21 and January 20

Jewelry with quartz or other souvenirs with this gemstone would bring prosperity to these individuals. A piece of birch in the room you sleep would also bring you a good night's sleep and professional successes. A goose figurine or its feather has the same effect.


Persons born between January 21 and February 20

If you were born in this period, you're recommended to obtain silver jewelry or other article containing this precious metal. It's believed that it would help you resolve your love problems and find the ideal partner. A photo of an otter or a figurine with its silhouette will attract abundance to your life and achievements in every aspect. An aspen flower would also bring you luck.

Persons born between February 21 and March 20

Jewelry with turquoise would inspire confidence in you and help you attract the desired partner. A suitable plant talisman for you is the plantain herb. As for an animal talisman, a puma is recommended - place a picture or other item with a puma in your home. A toy depicting the majestic animal would also bring you good fortune.

Persons born between March 21 and April 20

An opal decoration will protect you from your enemies, as well as from dangerous undertakings. The playful dragon flower has the same effect. Other suitable amulets for you include pictures of a falcon or its figurine.


Persons born between April 21 and May 20

If you own a toy, souvenir or photo of a beaver, you can rest assured that you'll be shielded from enemies. If you have a chrysolite, you're going to stabilize your relations with your partner and parents. A lily flower, on the other hand, will help you enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

Persons born between May 21 and June 20

According to old beliefs, the horns of a deer hung in the home bring prosperity to the whole family. If you cannot get hold of such a trophy, a painting or photo of the exquisite wild animal will do as well. Other fitting talismans for you are white yarrow and the gemstone agate.

Persons born between June 21 and July 20

A painting of a green woodpecker placed at your workplace will charge you with new ideas and make you more productive at work. Rosehips and carnelian gemstones can also serve as your talismans.

Persons born between July 21 and August 20

Your lucky animal is the sturgeon. The image of this fish in your home will attract abundance to your life. The garnet gemstone and raspberry bush will also bring you prosperity.


Persons born between August 21 and September 20

If you were born in this period, jewelry with amethyst will bring you luck. Also expect better days ahead if you get hold of a violet flower, as well as a figurine or painting of a bear.

Persons born between September 21 and October 20

What you need is an amulet with jasper. It will lift your spirits and protect you from despondency and self-pity. Also expect good fortune after you plant yew in your yard, as well as if you keep the figurine of a raven or its feather close by.

Persons born between October 21 and November 20

Jewelry or another article in the form of a snake can spare you many troubles and improve your health. The same applies for cotton thistle and the malachite gemstone.

Persons born between November 21 and December 20

According to mystics, if you put up a painting or photo of a moose in your bedroom, it will ward off nightmares and evil spirits. Another option is to obtain obsidian, as it will help you better deal with disappointments. As far as plants, a pine is suitable for all those born in this period. If you can't keep an entire tree in your home to enjoy, then at least keep a few branches of it.