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The First Digital Map of Mars is Now RealityThe First Digital Map of Mars is Now Reality
07 Mar.
contours, latitudes and longitudes and the characteristic layout with the title, scale and legend. The geographical map of Mars will be tested for the first time in 2019 by the first British Mars rover, which will...
NASA: the First Humans Will be on Mars By 2035NASA: the First Humans Will be on Mars By 2035
04 July
, NASA plans to test their newly developed technologies on an asteroid located between the Earth and the Moon. The first mission to Mars is planned to last about 3 years, with a piloted aircraft being sent to the Red...
Amulets - Power and EffectAmulets - Power and Effect
30 Apr.
wear around their neck or waist. They can be left to hang on a tree, so the ground around it will take effect, or to be left in the home. It is believed that in the bedroom, an amulet is most effective. And if it...
Benjamin Franklin and MasonryBenjamin Franklin and Masonry
05 Nov.
later Grand Master, reissued the first masonic book, "Constitutions of the Free-Masons", whose author was James Anderson and advertised it in his newspaper. Franklin wrote 2 letters about freemasonry. One was to Henry...
Palmistry - Fingers and RingsPalmistry - Fingers and Rings
29 Oct.
beliefs, creativity and inclinations. Wearing a ring on a specific finger is usually related to a willingness for increasing the power associated with that finger. The thumb: Willpower - the thumb represents logic and...
Palmistry - Thumbs and FingersPalmistry - Thumbs and Fingers
25 Oct.
turned out that the books weren't as amazing as I had assumed. I found a book called "Investigating Palmistry". It contained a long and valuable lesson dealing with the interpretation of the fingers of the hand, which I...
Ying and Yang factsYing and Yang facts
30 Dec.
most likely to recommend eliminating some forms of Ying energy and replacing them with some Yang energy. This could be in the form of special broths as well as specific exercises. As mentioned previously, Ying and...
Soulmates and Synchronous RelationshipsSoulmates and Synchronous Relationships
12 Sept.
our lives to remind us of our goals and long-forgotten dreams. They grant us energy and motivate us. Those who urge us on These are the people who come into our lives in order to put us on the right road. Their...
Time fate and destinyTime fate and destiny
23 Dec.
a very powerful phrase and is quite drawing. However philosophers and consultants always talk about destiny in a positive or a negative sense. Some of them believe in fate and others don't. Dow San believed that, we...
Fairies and nature spiritsFairies and nature spirits
06 Dec.
of winds, for example, can be very pleasant when we are presented with a cool breeze in the summer gale, but can be scary when triggered by a storm and destruction. Salamanders are spirits of fire. They are dangerous...
Germs and the TyrannosaurusGerms and the Tyrannosaurus
19 Nov.
than 60 skulls of the Tyrannosaurus and found holes in their jaws which are not traces of its kind or other giant dinosaurs. Scratches proved to be screened to ensure normal ancient parasites. The diameter of the...
Star signs and healthStar signs and health
18 Dec.
representative are susceptible to breakdown, and are affected by changes in weather, which often ends with a cold. Rheumatism, allergies and problems with joints are common in these individuals. Cancer representatives often...
Mexican Lady and PlumsMexican Lady and Plums
23 Sept.
I had a dream that a mexican lady came to my house with her 9 children and I had a bag with 9 red plums and I shared it with all of them....
Cats and witchcraftCats and witchcraft
10 Sept.
In different cultures, cats are associated with the supernatural, happiness or unhappiness, healing qualities or injury. In folklore the cat is the animal that is always the attendant to witches, wizards and fortune...
Spiritual and Mental AlchemySpiritual and Mental Alchemy
31 Aug.
lead happier lives and succeed this goal religions attempted to expedite the transformation by providing us with rules. The ultimate goals could only be reached by enlightenment, illumination and the perfection of the soul...

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