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UFO abducted people settled with space bases

UFO abducted people settled with space bases

Disappearance of missing people is due to aliens who settled with their space bases.

The theory is from a fellow of a secret institute near Moscow, V. Fomenko. According to him the aliens cause all the anomalous phenomena of the Earth in order to test mankind. And all the people who were abducted after being kidnapped are settling in space bases, one of the largest of which is of a thousand years is the Moon.

UFO abducted people settled with space bases

One of the most prominent specialists in kidnapping by aliens are Professors Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs.

In its contacts with the kidnapped by the UFO, they often mention that the earth is full of hybrids between earthlings and aliens.

From what professors have heard from people during the hypnosis session, the purpose of alien is not to conquer our planet, but is to gradually integrate among men.

Professors support this thesis, but are not quite sure of it. Because: "I have examined thousands of cases of people who have been abducted by aliens. Each seventh person only in the case during the hypnosis I learned something new from, hearing something I have never heard of before. So things stood until recently, now almost constantly I receive new information which bothers me. It is not excluded in the tactics of the alien that something has changed’".